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Look how serious I am. Look at the black and white frilly font, the shades of subtle green amongst the grey (which I spelled the British way because that's how f#&king serious I am!), and the subtle nuance in my expression... As if I'm asking the great philosophical questions like, "Why?"... Soooo artistic. So serious.

In short... I love all things nerdy! I'm also a musician, artist working on a comic book, random content creator, and maker of videos who can wax philosophical with comedians! I love Burbon, Beer, Life, my kid and My Wife! Scroll other pages or click my links below ====>

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I make general videos about whatever I want to talk about... and also some music. Haven't made content in a bit, but ya know... Life does get in the way!

Romantic Song for my Wife on Her Birthday

Merry F***ING Christmas

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Nouns I Recommend!

Here are some people, places, and things I dig!

Butch FUCKING Walker!

Butch is an amazing musician, best live show you'll ever see, and he writes and produces everyone! From Pink! to Panic! You've heard his work.

Butch Walker

Knob me, baby!

This is the best whiskey/Burbon on the market, imo!

Knob Creek


Mystery Science Theater 3000 is a show which began long before phones were pocket computers: a show from a simpler time where following someone wasn't encouraged and would land a stalking charge on your permanent record. It was 1988 and prop comics like Joel Hodgson passed the time watching cheese-riddled Scifi flicks and making fun of them. So, he created a show doing just that which amassed a large following on public access and caught the attention of Comedy Central.

After its cancelation in 1999 the cast members formed similar shows with the premise of riffing bad movies (Cinematic Titanic, The Film Crew, Rifftrax - all of which I recommend). Then, 2017, Joel began a Kickstarter to bring back MST3K raising millions! The show was picked up by Netflix in 2018 with cast members such as Felicia Day, Patton Oswalt, Jonah Ray, Barron Vaughn, and Hampton Yount and cameos from Jerry Seinfeld, Mark Hamill, and Neil Patrick Harris to name a few. After two seasons Netflix canceled.

So, Joel (the original creator) started another Kickstarter, raised millions, and created his own streaming platform set to launch this year (2022) where he will have full autonomy over his show with the same cast and added cast members. The new streaming platform is called The Gizmoplex (a seemingly nonsensical term for any who aren't in the know). From my understanding you can either purchase/rent episodes individually or spend 100 or so bucks a year and get all episodes plus extras, behind the scene looks, special updates, physical presents and more.

The show is hilarious and I recommend watching it. If you go through Netflix watch The Gauntlet (season 2 on Netflix) - episodes Mac and Me or Ator The Fighting Eagle. Great episodes, hilarious. The older episodes are on Roku TV. You can pick and choose or watch the 24 7 streaming mst3k channel.

But for real. Watch this!


The Walking Dead

This show was with me throughout the toughest parts of my life. I love the mesh of horror, gore, and the struggle to keep one's humanity during the apocalypse. Negan's character arc has been my favorite and Angela Kang has taken the last few seasons of the show under her brilliant wing to bring it back to its Season One glory!

SIDE NOTE: Gabriel's story line is fantastic as well and it's very good to see Seth Gilliam get to show off his dynamic acting skills.

Oh, and Ross Marquand is just as nice in person as he seems in interviews.

New Music Under Way

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