Hi there 👋🏼 I’m so happy you’re here!

My name is Paulina, but you can call me Po!

I’m Polish (if you can’t tell haha). 7 years ago, I decided to leave my country and come to USA to chase my dreams! It’s been such an amazing journey so far!

Let me share it with ya!

I am a beauty mentor, shampoo dealer, bubbly individual who is absolutely obsessed with helping others change their life, skin, and hair for the better 🤗

My main profession is Executive Private Jet Advisor. I help clients all over the world. Do I love my job? Absolutely! It’s super cool and I get to meet many interesting people who share similar passion to me - traveling.

Although, I enjoy what I do, I’ve always struggled with the lack of feeling fulfilled in life.
So I decided to say YES to a new opportunity that flipped my life and hair (haha) upside down! 😌

By switching to all natural, anti-aging, cruelty free products my hair and skin condition have improved drastically which boosted my confidence level A LOT! Now my face glows, my curls are curlier than ever 😍 and I have gained many many motivated, self-driven, ambitious friends that will be close to my heart forever!

And you know what is the coolest part about all of the above?

I make money by doing what I absolutely LOVE! I’ve helped hundreds of women & I’m just warming up!

And you know what else? I’d love you to join me on this journey and reach the TOP with me! 🌟