Who Am I?

On the surface, a Wife and dog mom who earns an income through my phone but at the core, I’m just striving to live a life of financial freedom and help others achieve the same.

I have partnered with an anti aging beauty company that helps me create my ideal life while earning an income but more importantly, I am able to change peoples lives in the process.

I’m thankful for how much flexibility being my own Boss gives me.

Just know that if you are feeling stuck and are looking for a sign, remember that anything is possible.

So, if you are interested in making the switch to a clean beauty regimen or if you are interested in doing that AND joining a community that will add value to your life; let’s talk.


Why Did I Join?

What started off as FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and wanting $200 extra a month turned into so much more!

I had been watching girls that I personally knew be successful in the business and I thought to myself, why not me?

$200 a month is all that I wanted, it was all I truly needed and when I saw the opportunity that I could earn more, I couldn’t believe how much more.

I did not want to feel guilty about splurging on a facial, a venti iced latte, a nice bottle of red wine, you know simple things that add up very fast when you have student loans, a mortgage and a million other bills you need to pay.

When I hit the $200 extra a month that I wanted and then saw it sky rocket above that, I knew I stumbled upon something good.

Don’t tell me you don’t have it in you to want something more for your life.

Whether it’s the money, the friendships, the self development, the earned trips and car — don’t watch from the sidelines dive in and watch your life change.