About me

Why I started a small business : Marsha Thomas

I'm a Vet student graduating in 2025 from Yogyakarta Indonesia. I simply chose to start a small business hoping that I could cope up with my anxiety and depression. I've been suffering with Insomnia for 3 and a half years now and Ive battled every demon that's came my way. Animals have given me a reason to live and I've spent a lifetime rescuing them and teaching people the importance of loving animals. I envisioned myself in an animal themed small business that would someday reach the top where I'm able to share my profits with the local animal shelters and perhaps lend a hand. It makes my soul really happy seeing people and animals smile. Besides.. animal themed products really does put a smile on your face, doesn't it? What sets my soul on fire is watching humanity love again and that's exactly what we need right now. I've been left alone and downgraded by my friends and family for having big dreams that wouldn't fit in this too big of a world. In this time of heartache and trials, I've grown in so much courage to take this step on pursuing a small business and trying to make well with my mental state in the process too. These products are a reminder that growth through every bit of hardship and that roller coaster ride we call LIFE is what matters most. I hope I may grow in this small business. Animal's lives are beautiful and worth a masterpiece that should be cherished and thats all I think of while I hand make each and every product with love. From keychains to collars to lipglosses to lipscrubs to even those cute animal earrings..No matter big or small, every product counts. Im happy to introduce to you Pawlab.co and by God's grace, I hope I could touch people's lives with these products 💕 Your support would mean the world to me ❤