My names Payten

Assuming your new here, I’m 20 years old and I’m building my dream life from the device in my hands.
Your reading this so you must have some interested in what I do, remember that I’m just like you and you can do it too. You just have to start.

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So you want to partner up to build your dream life?

If you’re seeking mentorship on how to make money from your phone and live life on your own terms—keep reading.
I’ve always had big goals and dreams, and refuse to settle for less... but of course when you’re young and broke, “dreams” tend to seem a little less possible.
I’m here to tell you, anything you want in life you can go out and get—with some grit and discipline, results will follow.
In October 2021 I started this business in hopes to make a little bit of income so I could...
1. Challenge myself
2. Go to college debt free
3. Have the freedom to travel & work on my own terms.
When I started this business I never had more than $300 to my name, no expertise in social media, and just had a million dollar work ethic I didn’t know what to do with. Since then, my life has changed. I’m three promotions away from earning a paid for Cadillac through our car program, and I have gained financial stability, earning free trips and most importantly I’ve grown in ways I never thought I could. I am now someone who doesn’t let fear stop them, who chooses discipline over motivation, who sets goals and sacrifices for a greater purpose. I see a vision for a bigger life & pushing myself out of my comfort zone has been incredibly fulfilling.
I’ve witnessed not only my life change, but so many others’ as well. Within my very own circle of mentorship I’ve watched college students go to their dream school & afford tuition, I’ve seen wives find purpose again as they contribute to their family’s finances from home, I’ve even watched girls find new passion in freedom and work towards quitting their 9-5 to pursue this full time.
If you’re an ambitious woman who is self-motivated and coachable, I want to work with you. It’s time to make a move! Let’s do this TOGETHER.
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