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Panda C.E.O. BookClub

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Professor Panda

Story Adventures

Our story adventure platform reads modern and classic children's books. Transporting our readers to far away magical castles, enchanted forests, heroic quests, and learning adventures. Our episodes are full of fun and learning-adventures as we bring stories to life. Enriching children's growth through all aspects of media. Creating cartoons, book series, and music material for interactive learning and creative growth.

Story Adventure: Bumble Bear Garden Party

Make Slime with Professor Panda

Kam’s Complementory Color Song

The Panda C.E.O. Show


The Panda C.E.O. Show podcast is a place where people can tell their stories. We host, create, and read literary material submitted by listeners. We also talk about other stuff.. like aspirations, creativity, and self-help because we all deserve to have our stories heard. We strive to entertain, inform, and maybe change the world for the better through our content. If we can help just one subscriber with any issue our mission is complete. Join the conversation, as we traverse, read, analyze, and interpret what these great words mean to us.

The Guide To Surving Yourself

Hot Yoga!

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All About HLH Productions

The HLH Production brand is a community for content creators telling their stories through content such as; social media, youtube, merchandise, art and published books. Aspiring the need for positive open conversations about daily life issues. HLH Productions elicits our creators to have courage when speaking their truths. Promoting a community for followers to gather, share, and create safely. Our brand gives the community an avenue to inspire and spark imagination through multimedia storytelling.