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Watching movies can be a therapeutic way to relax and calm your nerves. If you’re looking for a distraction we believe an uplifting movie is the perfect choice!

“Netflix and Chill” is now more like “Hulu, HBO, Admitme.. and Chill” But anyway, let’s get into the best TV Shows to binge watch!! Remember to let us know what you think about these picks and what movies or shows you would recommend.

**Always remember that all information provided on this site is solely based on personal recommendations and you should always to a licensed professional for any advice.**

-Alexa H


The 100

GENRE: Post apocalyptic/ Dystopian / Science Fiction


SUMMARY: So Earth was destroyed by an nuclear war and people had to evacuate to space. Those in space live there for about a century and decided to send 100 kids (really 16-18 year olds) to the ground to see if Earth is survivable. And the story is about them surviving on earth...

REVIEW: If you like space/apocalyptic shows then this will be for you! The 6th season really gets into the creativity of space and is something you’ll really want to see. Like any show, it may be a little bit of a slow start but it’s really worth it.


The I-Land

GENRE: Thriller

POMBS RATE: 7.5/10

SUMMARY: This show plays on the idea of a group of people who wake up on an island with no memory of who they are or how they get there. There’s a really big plot twist a couple episodes in so check it out to find out how they got there...🏝

REVIEW: So I’ve actually just started watching this show but it has a lot of potential! I’m going to be honest the acting could be a little better but the plot is really interesting.


The Originals

GENRE: Horror, Fantasy, Supernatural

POMBS RATE: 9.5/10

SUMMARY: The Originals is about the original family of vampires and their empire in New Orleans. There are also witches and werewolves and hybrids, so it has it all. Now the family would definitely be the bad guys in this one but you grow to love them anyway.

REVIEW: Yes this show is a little old but it’s never too late to watch now. I loved the show but I also loved Twighlight so maybe that has something to do with it but I’m not sure. Watch it and let me know what you think. This show is the sequel to Vampire Diaries and prequel to Legacies so keep that in mind.