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Our thrifted & vintage items are mostly imported from USA, Japan and Malaysia. In addition to that, we also have seasonal well-loved apparels, mainly for our 'Raya Series' where the public can use our platform to advert their new or used raya clothings.

Every piece is authentic, unique and no two clothing are the same in this store. Although our clothing are vintage, we still value the standards and quality of our items. We DO NOT support counterfeit goods.

Expect slight ageing, stains and natural material defects. Laundry has been done for you. All of our clothings are ready to wear!

Our vision is to keep the resources invested in all of these clothing items from going to waste. The lower price we offer is not just for your wallet but most importantly for our home.

Simply switching to thrifting isn't going to completely solve all the problems within the fashion and texile industry in terms of pollutions, but it is one way we can work to minimise our carbon footprints and make small steps towards a better future.

— Peluang Kedua Store.

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Luxe Edition —

special request pre-order only.

More on: @pks.luxe ✧

our luxe edition are all authentic vintage, pre-owned designer pieces. some pieces might have minor defects, ageing stains. we take all reasonable care to provide you the best quality.