audition info

check here to find how to audition ! :)

hello ! here is how you can audition for our account !!

1: post a video with 1-2 tricks
2: in the same post, add clips of you cruising uphill, downhill, and on flat ground
3: before posting, add the hashtag :: #pennybrdingaudition !
4: before posting, also tag us in the post !
5: in the comments of your video give us 3 reasons why you should win
6: have a positive attitude and don’t give up !!

account rules

these are some rules to know before you join us !

please know if these aren’t followed 24/7 or even a majority of the time, you will be asked to leave our account :))

1: be kind to everyone who comes across this account
2: if someone is hating (which will happen), simply block them, and move on !
3: only penny-boards, skateboards, and longboards ! i will check posts every day to make sure it is all appropriate
4: if something happens that makes you not able to post, just lmk ! it’s ok as long as there’s a reason :)
5: use the favorited sounds only
6: when doing voiceovers, make sure you state which owner you are (that info will be given when i give you the pass !)
7: have fun ! just know that if your videos aren’t doing too good, that’s not the purpose of this account, it’s to enjoy it and be you !!

helpful accounts

here are some accounts to help you get better !

1: @_pennyskate2
2: @pennyyyyboardingg
3: @_._pennyboard_._
4: @peachblissed (coming soon !)
5: @blissy...board
6: @pennyboarding161

hope this helps !! :)