Peri D Russell

“never be afraid to be afraid”

Hi! Thank you for visiting my page. Let me give you my personal rundown!

I have been a little entrepreneur my whole life! I moved fourteen times before I graduated high school, so basically I had the most loving and supportive parents who always desired change - it must be where I get it from!
My entire childhood consisted of singing, dancing and acting my little heart out. Once I moved out on my own and started going to college, I gained my passion and experience in childcare. I am now 20 years old, taking a break from college, feeling like I am not fulfilling my bigger purpose in this world.
I took a look into WHY I do the things I love; theatre, writing, working with kids, and WHY I decided to do them in the first place. The answer is quite simple - to help people in a bigger, impactful way. From helping families of all backgrounds by taking care of their children, performing in front of an audience to challenge even one audience members point of view, or writing something that someone out there needed to hear… the foundation is made of the same bricks and cement.

So when I found out about this opportunity, and what this business is all about, it was pretty obvious…

This is another way to help people in a large way, in an area that EVERYONE uses - haircare, skincare and wellness. The more time I invested into learning more about what this would mean for me and my future (and pushed my immense fear aside), I said YES.

And boy, do I feel anything but regret.

Do I still feel scared? Oh, absolutely! But one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever known, who happened to be my grandmother, once said, “don’t be afraid to fall, and don’t be afraid to get back up; but most importantly… don’t be afraid to be afraid.”

Links are on the next page, feel free to explore my hair & skin transformations as well as fill out any and all consultations/applications! Let’s get chatting about YOU, YOUR BEAUTY and YOUR FUTURE, girl!


proof is in the puddin’