Hi there!! Are you ready to learn about safer products and low tox living??

There is always a root cause!

I am an RN who became curious as to why people were getting sick. I got sick of the band aid method of covering symptoms. I began to dive into what the ingredients are in our personal care products, our cleaning products, our food we eat, the water we drink. The body can properly heal and function when we know what we are putting on and in our bodies on a daily basis.

My WHY right here!!

When I was pregnant with my first born, I learned that there were several personal care products I could not use while pregnant. Well, that made me investigate what ingredients were in these products and why I couldn’t use them! I was shocked to learn that the last regulation on the safety for personal care products was passed in 1938. Meaning there are little to no regulations as to what goes in the products we put on our largest organ of our body daily. The U.S. has only banned 30 of these harmful ingredients. 30!! I found Beautycounter thankfully and learned that they ban over 1800 of these chemicals in their products. The rest is history. I love this company and for all they stand for. They are advocating for safer personal care products. They are advocating for ours and our children’s health. This is my WHY