Beginnings of a Boy Whore: Excerpts from my Turning-Out on Grindr

An Introduction to my Filthy Cum Dumpster of a Brain

Gf Asleep in the bedroom, come convince me to let you in my mouth. Smoke together, or dark, silent, anonymous. Building basement available, if you want the streetwalker experience. Projector available for p😈rn, our own or others’.


I want you to c*m in my mistresses mouth before she swallows me, and you spill out from behind her lips, dripping down me, coating me as I slide back and forth on her tongue. I want you to take her from behind, bent over my face, my tongue on clit & c*


Indian, straight, and My GF wants me to suck your c👅ck. She’d like you to come over to our hotel room and let me take you wordlessly into my m👄uth, in the dark, while you enjoy some ☕️. For the Gener🍭us only, its worth it.


Straight, turning tricks for my GF—smoke with me, watch some p👄rn and talk dirty—film me while I take you in my mouth so she can watch it later. Up the ante and let her watch in person: I am for the gen👄rou$, filthy pervert—Ask to see my p👄rn!

Sip on a glass of my fine imported tea, and I’ll go ahead and take a sip of you.

For my Friends of Tina & Oral Historians