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We have a plan at January 20 2021 We gonna post about hanry Stickmin/stickman...
You guys will watch what's the wrong thing and the correct one❗
I'm so exited to hear that among us will create a new map and they collab with hanry stickmin/stickman!
-if you guys dont like a spoiler for the new map dont press this link😆,
I mean this:https://youtu.be/-LaY8nQyM_0
😙😙that's the link if you guys wanna know what the map looks like😁.
Idk if its true or not but at april fools they create a map that was up side down At Skeld😙,hope it was true!!🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

Video Schedule

Hey Ninja's-!

Video Schedule For January-!🥳

January-10, the Best place to Hide
January-13, 5 things that you should know at the Airship Map!
January-20, I played as the impostor at the new map!
January-20, I played Hanry stickmin animation
January- 29 You know Dleks map?

2021 Package Rules

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