Our products help you and your fur-babies live happier, healthier lives. ❤️

Pawtect® Blankets

Never sacrifice style or comfort for protection again. Our new waterproof Pawtect® Blankets are made up of Sherpup®, the coziest fabric around that creates an impermeable barrier between both exterior fabrics so no moisture can seep through either side of the blanket. Pawtect® Blankets are perfect for protecting furniture, travel, crates, or wherever your furbaby is laying. Rest easy knowing our Pawtect® Blankets have you pawtected.

Pet Blanket

The perfect blanket to snuggle up to your furbaby in! Made with our special Sherpup®, this lightweight, reversible blanket is available in three sizes and two modern colors.

Wash Bags

Making your fur baby’s laundry a whole lot easier (and cuter)! Available as a 5 pack with 3 sizes, you’ll be able to keep up with your fur baby’s laundry. Great to use as a hamper or to store clean items until you’re ready to use, these Wash Bags will be a great addition to help prolong the life of your Pet Parents® products!

Dog Diapers

Our dog diapers have been designed to give you peace of mind and provide both you and your fur-baby with a happy, healthy life. These reusable diapers are made to be washed and are leakproof. Our diapers come in a pack of three: one on your fur baby, one in the wash, and one just in case!

Belly Bands

Our washable belly bands are designed to prevent accidents from turning into messes. Whether your male is spot marking, your new puppy isn't house trained yet, or your elderly dog is having urinary incontinence issues, our washable belly bands will keep you, your house, and your pet happy.

Pawtect® Pads

These reusable pads were created with multiple needs in mind. Our customers use these for house training, crate liners, furniture protection, under bowls, and much more! These are waterproof, leakproof, and have a StickyPaw™ backing to provide an anti-slip grip. Our Pawtect® Pads come in a two pack so you always have one on hand and one in the wash.


Our Gnawtlers® are naturally shed, grade A dog chews, because we want our fur friends to have the very best. These are offered in three types: whole elk antlers, split elk antlers, and whole deer antlers. We also offer these in sizes S-XL. Gnawtlers® can be used for pups that are teething, anxious, and bored, and help strengthen your pup’s teeth.

Cat Diapers

Our cat diapers have so many uses. These washable cat diapers were designed to prevent accidents from turning into messes. Whether your male cat is spraying, your new kitty isn’t litter box trained yet, or your elderly cat is having incontinence issues, our washable reusable cat diapers will keep you, your house, and your pet happy.