I like to care for pets and animals.

Pets and animals

Do you know who love us the most, our pets. So we also love them a lot. But many of us don't have the time or enough money to take your pets for monthly checkups. This website will solve all the quieres regarding pets.

How to keep a street pup as a pet —

Dogs are the most lovely, cute and faithful pets

How can you keep a street pup as a pet:
Street pups are those pups who are either abandoned by their owner or don't have any owner at all.
With your love and care, their lives can change for ever.
Step 1. Look for a street pup. They are found all over the world.
Step 2. Take your parents over there and take there permission. Then carefully, bring it to your home.
Step 3. Feed the pup with baby dog biscuits and a bowl of milk to drink. After 30 mins, give it a bowl of fresh water.
Step 4. Buy medicines like tetracycline and a dog body loition and a dog shampoo. Then give your pup a bath. Also dry the pup with a towel or a hair dryer.

And you will be a proud dog owner.
Tips: Give the pup time to adjust with you and your family.

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