Eco-conscious business

How do Phantasmagoria contribute to sustainability culture

In commemoration of Earth Day, we will share the steps we have considered throughout the production and packaging process.

Rather than plastic, we chose pouch as our earrings packaging. This means you can reuse the pouch to organise your hair accessories, earrings or any mini stationaries. You can organise your makeup or lip products and carry them in your bag! Tell me how you’re going to reuse our pouch! Our pouch is safe for washing machine: the colour does not wear off when washed.

We chose box packaging rather than poly mailer! Reason being, there are more ideas on crafting things using box packages! Links for creative crafting ideas is available in our milkshake page! For small business owners or those who occasionally sell things, you can reuse the box package to send your stuffs!

Bubble wrap is optional! When sending orders within Jakarta, we avoid using bubble wrap and opt for securing your orders using shredded paper! We use (sanitised) paper waste, put it inside shredder. You can reuse the shredded paper to secure your items for delivery or use it for school art project! If you think you don’t need them but still want to make a difference for the earth, I suggest organising your paper waste together and contact used paper collector organisation in your area. I provided some suggestions in my bio page, but feel free to contact whichever nearest to you (and let us know! Your suggestion can make a difference!)

When sending orders outside of Jakarta, we would use bubble wrap to make sure your orders are safe! These bubble wrap can be used for when you want to send out items or other things not related to packaging! For example, create artworks using bubble wrap, etc. If you feel like you don’t have the time and energy to reuse, find local organisation that collects used bubble wrap! Even better, find your friends who are small business owners and ask them if they need extra bubble wrap! You help them to collect packaging resources and they help you reducing waste!

Origami is a paper art where in most cases, cutting the excess materials is not required. As the paper is completely folded, it leaves no room for paper waste. However, it is important to note that we use sealant to harden the surface of the paper (to make it water resistant!) and most of the time the waste from washing off the residual sealant from the brush is unavoidable. Whenever possible, the waste is kept minimum

When opting for stainless steel materials, this means you can use our earrings for a longer time (stainless steel does not rust!) Long lasting fashion products means less waste to the environment!

We collaborate with local wood artist to create our earrings stand from wood waste! This means, each time you purchase our bundle, you help to reduce wood waste! :) Though the main materials is wood waste, it is delicately crafted to become an earring display stand. Even wood waste can look elegant when crafted by professional wood artist!

We are still working to reduce waste from our products and packaging. We admit that our packaging has not achieved the ‘zero waste’ step. Things like stickers and label stickers are coloured, adhesive papers which inevitably become waste. However please be aware that each decision we made for packaging and products aim to improve customers’ experience (your experience!) upon receiving your order! We will always working hard to find better ways to wrap our products in an environmentally friendly way, without reducing the customers’ experience quality!