xoxo glee club

Hi Reese! Oh boy, you have made this year so fun and I have such an appreciation for your dedication to music, glee club, and keeping everything FUN!! Seriously, organizing glee club camp with you was a blast, and it’s been such an honor to get closer with you this year. I am going to miss you lots and I know your future is a bright one. I’m going to miss your witty, grounded, and gentle spirit so much, and I don’t know how we will gracefully keep the underclassmen in line without you. Punches may be thrown. :) Love you mucho - let’s hang when we can. ~Phoebe

Reesey!!!! You are the light of my life. You are one of the most down to earth, caring people I’ve met. It’s really incredible. You are obviously amazing at singing, but I’m going to miss you playing with my hair and defending me to Mr. Stephenson even more. I kinda want to be you when I grow up. I love you SO much!! You have to come watch our concerts love!
Allll my love,

Reese!! I can’t tell you how happy it made me to get to sit next to you this year. Not only do you help me fake my music theory knowledge, but you are also the funniest and most approachable person I’ve ever met. You always have such good advice and you never talked down to me even though I am, after all, a freshman forever. The back row will feel empty without you next year, and I will have absolutely no idea how to do anything, but it’s totally okay because I am endlessly happy for you in all your endeavors. Whatever you do in life, I’m sure it will be amazing because you are amazing.
Love love love,

Reese! I refuse to believe you’re leaving because you really do run Glee Club. I have no idea what we’re going to do without you, especially me, who stands right next to you and always has a perfect reference point. :) But seriously, I don’t know what we’re going to do without our rock, our organizer, our cool mom. What I do know is that you’ve always been the most supportive, helpful, kind person, welcoming new members without hesitation and welcoming back old members with enthusiasm. I know that all the juniors especially will miss you so, so much, but you’re off to better things and we are all so happy for you. I have no doubt that you are going to thrive in college, and if you don’t, you can always come back to Glee Club! Haha. Love you and good luck, Reese!

Reese you are such an inspiration both in Glee Club and beyond. Long before I joined I remember hearing about how brilliant you are from Claire and Sosi and how Glee Club couldnt possibly be as amazing as it is without you. I loved getting to know you this year and I can’t imagine Westridge without you, but I can’t wait to see all the amazing things you do!!
-Sophia HK

Reecy!! Even though I Just met you this year, I have gotten to know you so well from cross country as well as Glee club! You started the year off with a blast by organizing the Glee club camp (which was so fun!). Also, You are the best assistant conductor we could ask for. You are truly an amazing person and I LOVE you sooooo much! I can’t believe you are graduating… or have you already graduated? Anyway I’m sure you are off to do great things and I hope we stay in touch :)


xoxo glee club

Dearest Mia,
You, first of all, have the most beautiful, angelic voice I have ever heard. And guess what? It’s not even your best quality. I’m going to miss ranting about Families Forward with you and pretending to clap rhythms in the soprano 1 corner. You make Glee so much closer, and I really admire you for everything you’ve done to help us in the past couple of years.
Much love,

MCKINNEY! I LOVE YOU! FAVORITE MADRIGAL QUEEN QUEEN QUEEN. You keep me sane on the day to day, and I am so. Damn. Excited. For your future at USC. You have a beautiful soul and I cannot thank you enough for always being such a rock. I hope we can hang out after this is all over, and I know you are going to do AWESOME THINGS. I’m gonna miss you sooooooo much. I mean it. School isn’t gonna be the same without you, and I feel so grateful that we’ve gotten close this year. Love u always! ~Phoebe

Mia! I’m going to miss you so much! Not only have you been one of my best friends in Glee Club, but I also cherish the friendship we have formed outside of it. You always make me laugh in Glee Club, even if it’s just the slightest side-eye. Also, let’s not forget that you are an INCREDIBLE singer and I know know know that you’re going to go places with it. College will treat you well, and you better be inviting me to frat parties… either way I’ll visit :).
Love you so much,

Mia!! I think you are just the coolest. You have always been such an important part of glee club, and your voice?? Is literally so amazing it makes me weep a little bit. Anyways, you are also so funny and so amazing and I will miss you endlessly next year. I’ve always admired your strength and enjoyed your humor and stories and basically everything about you. Also your amazing hair. I am so so proud of you and USC is certainly lucky!
Lots of love

You’re such a beautiful singer Mia!! and have brought so much light to Glee Club. USC has gained a really brilliant person.


xoxo glee club

Zora! You are such a light, and you have always been such a role model for me. I look up to your leadership, poise, and spirit, and I know you’re going to do really great things in this world - I mean it. You make everyone feel comfortable, and your smile lights up a room! Thank you for everything - let’s hang out when we can. I’m gonna miss you so much!!!! Sending virtual hugs, beautiful! ~Phoebe

Thank you for being the best first soprano buddy out there. I’ve had such an amazing time copying you for the past two years and pretending I know what I’m doing. I truly don’t know what I’m going to do without you. So much love, and I know you’re going to do amazing things! Take care of that grassy voice for me.

Girl, I don’t even know what to say. I love you so, so much Zora, and Glee Club is losing a good one. Not only are you and Sosi my comedic relief in Glee Club, but outside of Glee Club, I’m losing one of my best friends. I know you’re not going far, but seriously, we’ll miss you every day and the leadership and down-to-earthness you bring to Glee Club. I will be visiting you in Santa Cruz, it’s just a fact, I’m there a lot, so get ready for that. Maybe I’ll bring Rob with me and we’ll hike there instead of Hawaii smh. I know you’re off to great things in and after college, and I really really wish you the best, Zora! LOVE YOU!!!

Zora!! I cannot imagine glee club, let alone westridge without you. You are such a lovely and sweet person and I love how you always know just what to say (it’s those p2p skills). All the many times I have broken down into teary laughter in the middle of a song, it’s probably because you did something funny, and even though I never really know the whole joke, your joy is so contagious I can't help but laugh. I’m so happy for you and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you! I will miss you so so much, but Santa Cruz is lucky to have you.
So much love,

Zora!! I’ve loved getting to know you this year and talking about how superior Mt. Washington is—I hope I’ll see you around the self realization fellowship :) I can’t wait to see all the amazing things you do in Santa Cruz!