TRANSFORMATION and Conscious Creation from WITHIN

Osiyo... I'm Rebecca...(Osiyo means hello in Cherokee) I introduced myself like this because of my Cherokee roots which are deeply connected within my soul.
I'm a Libran, and a Raven in Native American zodiac signs so you got it..I LOVE harmony and balance.
I am also a Soul & EnerQi Embodiment Activator and Change maker which is why 'Phoenix Wings EnerQi in motion' was born.

My methodology mixes the ancient with the modern.

Phoenix Wings EnerQi in Motion is all about helping you self cultivate health & healing and living a CONSCIOUS life of MOVEMENT, GRACE, EASE and FLOW from the inside out, fully connected to yourself, your innate knowing & your creativity. So if you are a creative and a visionary with dreams & you are ready for next level rising, you have found yourself in the right place....Welcome.

Think of it as a space for creation, Mindful Movement, EnerQi flow, Moving Meditation, Dance, Daily Rituals & Transformational mentoring alongside tuning in to your innate intuition and soul, so that you can be fully expressive as your divine self.
Encompassing the whole being; mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually & energetically.
Helping you feel balanced, aligned, energised, intuitive, grounded, centred & connected to your own creativity & purpose. Raising your vibration, improving your wellbeing, so that you can be all YOU in all that you DO.

Phoenix Wings EnerQi is a way of life,
helping you CONNECT to your WARRIOR SPIRIT for more ease through any life challenges & transitions, storms & even up levels. Giving you the perfect medicine bag to connect & journey within. To tune in to your innate intuition. To grow, evolve & self cultivate healing within, whilst also being more deeply connected to your mind, body & soul. Simply being YOU as a whole BE-ing. Free from stagnant, stuck energy. Able to find joy, peace and happiness in the now, along with a deeper connection or remembering of who you are on deeper level.

Though there may be storms & challenges in your life journey, rembember that your path has led you to where you are, and that storms make for a stronger inner warrior. You just need to stay focused & connected to calm flowing waters, and find your inner peace. Your EnerQi flow.
Keep ALIGNED and EMBODY your souls calling. Never forget the dreams you have....💫

'Let your DREAMS be your WINGS and your HEART be your guide' 🦅💓

Love, healing and positive vibes

Rebecca xx

~ Phoenix Wings EnerQi in Motion

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