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Hi, I’m Phynne Belle. —


I am a San Francisco Bay Area poet and creator. I sing Disney and Broadway songs out of tune. I have seven — yes, count that, seven! — furry potatoes. I podcast and hold an open mic weekly.

You can find my poetry and stories at Medium at: and Vocal at:

You can also find regular updates about me on my Ko-Fi page at:

Phynne Belle on Ko-Fi

April is National Poetry Month

Phynnecabulary Podcast, 3•31•20

Celebrate National Poetry Month with Me!

Please check my Stories and posts daily to discover ways I am celebrating National Poetry Month.

phynne_belle on Instagram

Before She Becomes the Shade Itself

A story by Tricia on Vocal


Stay a spell and listen to this story

Phynnecabulary is a podcast on Anchor. I share poetry, stories, and inspiration for our creative community. New episodes post weekly, Tuesday at 2 A.M.

The Skylark Poem

My April poetry challenge at All Poetry

Horror Where You Find It

Phynnecabulary Season 3, Episode 13. 4•7•20

Phynnecabulary on Anchor

California’s Poet Laureate 2015-2018, Dana Gioia —

Today’s National Poetry Month Activity

Today I wanted to suggest a little activity for poetry month: find out a little more about your local Poet Laureate. California’s Poet Laureate from 2015-2018 was Dana Gioia. Click the link below to read skittle more about him.

Poet Laureate of California, Dana Gioia

Delve into his works.

Dana Gioia on Poetry Foundation

The Smoothie Incident —

S3E14- The Phynnecabulary Podcast


Create an anthology of your favorite poems.

Create an account with to start an online one

Gentle Beyond a Thorny Frontier

Take a glimpse at the poems I have curated in an anthology in my profile. I hope it allows us to meditate on adversity and the hope that accompanies it at the bottom of our current Pandora’s Box.

My 1st Anthology

“Address the Rage”

4•21•20 A Phynnecabulary podcast episode


“Menudo Con Amor”

A Vocal Story by Tricia De Jesus-Gutierrez

Bianca Phipps “Stay with Me”

Button Poetry on YouTube

A riveting example of spoken word. I see glimpses of myself.

Bianca Phipps “Stay with Me”

“Named Must Be Your Fear, Before Banish It You Can”

The Phynnecabulary Podcast S3E16


Last Dance Reprise

(a love song sang softly to my Mama walking away)

Phynnecabulary Podcast Season 3 Episode 17

“Busting Out of Our Very Skins” —

Phynnecabulary Season 3, Episode 18

A Phynnecabulary Podcast

Attend a Drag Queen Story Hour!


Love SHOULD Be in the Air

Phynnecabulary Season 3 Episode 19

The Phynnecabulary Podcast on Anchor

Phynnecabulary, season 3 Episode 21

“7016 15th Street, Apt. 425. The Stairwell.” An Original Story by Stephanie Licudine.

Phynnecabulary Season 4, Episode 2

The Phynnecabulary Podcast on Anchor

“Every Color Stands Bright.” An Original Story by Jedediah Smith

Phynnecabulary Season 4 Episode 3

The Phynnecabulary Podcast on Anchor

“WHAT A DOLL!” An Original Story from Tricia DeJesus-Gutierrez

Phynnecabulary Season 4, Episode 4

What a Doll!

I’m not your baby, baby.

Tricia DeJesus-Gutierrez on Vocal

“THE SEQUENCER ,” an Original Story by Ana Galvan

Phynnecabulary Season 4, Episode 5

“The Sequencer,” An Original Story by Ana Galvan, Part 2

The Phynnecabulary Podcast Season 4, Episode 6

“Berkeley Nights “

An Original Story by Tricia De Jesus-Gutierrez

Tricia De Jesus -Gutierrez on Vocal.

“Berkeley Nights,” An Original Story by Tricia De Jesus-Gutierrez

Phynnecabulary Season 4, Episode 7


Live-saving suppport during the pandemic #reallifeheroes

“Rosa Birhen,” An Original Story by Tricia De Jesus -Gutierrez

Phynnecabulary Season 4 Episode 8

The Phynnecabulary Podcast on Anchor

If You Must Know, “Dirty Dancing” Was My Gateway Drug to Bachata and Salsa

January 21, 2020

Tricia De Jesus-Gutierrez on Medium

“The Ring,” An Original Short Story by Janice De Jesus. Part 1

Phynnecabulary Season 4 Episode 9

“The Ring,” An Original Story by Janice De Jesus, Part 2

Phynnecabulary Season 4 Episode 10

The Phynnecabulary Podcast on Anchor

A taste of poetry in your life

Phynne’s Poetic Bites on Ko-fi

I have been immersing back into a longer form of narrative poetry, but tiny shots of verses that fit in a few succinct lines still energize me. Let them energize you, too!

“The Ring,” An Original Story by Janice De Jesus, Part 3

Phynnecabulary Season 4 Episode 11

“Did You Wait for Me?”

Phynnecabulary Season 4 Episode 12

Halloween is a Thirty-One Day Thing! —

Phynnecabulary Season 4 Episode 14

The Phynnecabulary Podcast on Anchor

Phynne Reads Poe’s “The Oval Portrait”

Phynnecabulary Season 4 Episode 15

The Phynnecabulary Podcast on Anchor

The Manananggal

Phynnecabulary S4E16

Be Counted. VOTE.

Phynnecabulary Season 4 Episode 17


Phynnecabulary Season 4 Episode 18

Wanted: Virtual Hugs —

Phynnecabulary Season 4, Episode 19

The Phynnecabulary Podcast on Anchor

Phynnecabulary Presents: TEMPTATION

An Open Mic Event

Bite the juicy apple and it will make you want to spill the tantalizing details.

Share with with us tempting visions with your words and music. Shh—we promise not to tell if you don’t.

How to join the event?

Get your tickets here! The event is absolutely free, but donations are appreciated at

Upcoming Spotlight on Poet and Social Advocate, MATTHEW MARROQUÍN

Part of the “We Are the Story” series, Tuesday, December 8th, 2020

The Phynnecabulary Podcast on Anchor

“We Are the Story.”

Phynnecabulary Season 4, Episode 20

What’s up this week? —

Spotlight on Matthew Marroquín

Guest, poet Matthew Marroquín talks about sharks on socks, pickles or no pickles, why we should write poetry, and immigration and the mirage of an American Dream.

Matthew Marroquín

Poet & Social Advocate

Phynnecabulary Season 4, Episode 21

Phynnecabulary Presents (A Thursday Night Open Mic)

Nobel Laureates

Join our event!

Spotlight on Creative Minds: MOONLIT_PHANTOM (“We Are the Story” series)

Phynnecabulary Season 4 Episode 23

Spotlight on Creative Minds: SAM PARK (“We Are the Story” series, No. 5)

Phynnecabulary Season 4, Episode 24

Spotlight on: POETAQ

Phynnecabulary Season 5, Episode 1

Spotlight on Creative Minds: DANE INCE

Phynnecabulary Season 5, Episode 2

Spotlight on Creative Minds: CHRISTOPHER T. GEORGE

Phynnecabulary Season 5 Episode 3

The Phynnecabulary Podcast on Anchor


A Phynnecabulary Open Mic

Phynnecabulary on Eventbrite

Spotlight on Creative Minds: MARK FISHBEIN

Phynnecabulary Season 5 Episode 4

The Phynnecabulary Podcast on Anchor

Spotlight on Creative Minds: REBECCA GOLDTHORPE

Phynnecabulary Season 5, Episode 7

Spotlight on Creative Minds: REBECCA GOLDTHORPE

Phynnecabulary Season 5, Episode 7

The Phynnecabulary Podcast on Anchor

Spotlight on Creative Minds: MIRO CROCCO —

Phynnecabulary Season 5, Episode 8

The Phynnecabulary Podcast on Anchor

Upcoming Events

Weekly themed open mics

Join us every Thursday to share poetry, music, stories, or comedy. Or come to simply sit back and enjoy.

Women’s History Month

Celebrating women and their vital role in history, culture, and society.

The “Pop-Up-Anything-Goes” Open Mic is Here!

Your choice of theme!

Spotlight on Creative Minds: Diane Murray Ward

Phynnecabulary Season 5, Episode 9

Spotlight on Creative Minds: GENERALISSIMO BRYAN FRANCO

Phynnecabulary Season 5, Episode 10

Spotlight on Creative Minds: VAYL LUELLA LARKIN

Phynnecabulary Season 5, Episode 11

Spotlight on writer, Vayl Luella Larkin

The Phynnecabulary Podcast on Anchor

Phynnecabulary Season 5, Episode 11


Spotlight on Creative Minds: DOMINIQUE BETHEL

The Phynnecabulary Podcast

Season 6 Opener

An EDDY POETASTIC Original Story


Phynnecabulary Podcast S6 E2

“Bottom Out,” An Original Story by Denise Saenz

Phynnecabulary Season 6 Episode 3