Olivia Hyeonmi

Toronto Piano Instructor

I have started learning Music
When I was 4 years old
Since I was so distracted kid then
My Mom sent me to the Music kindergarten to help me to learn how to concentrate through Music class

Piano was so unique to me ,
Because you read the shape of note but you are also able to hear it & creating with them to make beautiful dynamics .

In order to read & to play Music well ,
It is essential concentrating with your ears , eyes , mind and heart .
You can express your feeling without saying anything . It was one of way to release my anger or sadness as well .

Music came to my life so naturally ..
Of course there were some obstacles
in learning Piano .
Step by step with 20 min daily practice by patient Teacher brought much improvement by not giving up ~
Once getting used into practice , I increased little more time to spend time for more practice deeply was with good concentration.

Piano has been helping me to be more creative , positive , adventurous , appreciative , patient & expressive .

Piano is one of best tool in learning the language of Music .

‘I love to share my little gift with you ‘

Offering Piano Lesson was
Usually beginners start with half hour
lesson ,

- Online Piano Lesson

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for more information ,

Love to hear from you !

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I would like to share some of performance experiences , Enjoy ~

Invitation of Dance

Marraige of figaro by Mozart

The apartment (Duet)