About us

Working hard , to make your yard, Picture Perfect !

We are a " Start to Finish Fully Organic Lawn and Garden landscaping company with 2 decades of experience and a daily goal to always leave our customers satisfied and feeling safe knowing we will never use any chemicals or killers whatsoever.

As a landscape loving company, we feel it is our duty to not only offer our customers only Organic services using tested and proven methods , materials, and mind sets , but to also offer our organics only knowledge to anyone and everyone interested. We not only supply the New Hampshire seacoast with these products and services , but also freely give our in general step by step instructions in how to accomplish an Organic only lawn and garden yourself.

Along with our list of services, general knowledge on Organic landscaping and proven methods and materials, we also offer free on site or online property evaluation where we can then build a custom step by step guide for you to make the corrections to your own methods and materials and also accomplish an Organic only lawn and garden yourself to your own property.

We love what we do and we love to share our knowledge on this subject. If you have always dreamed of having a Start to Finish Fully Organic Lawn and Garden yourself then contact us today , and avoid the hard learned lessons we have already over come , to be on your way to a truly Organic only property.

Do you want a DYI step by step guide to converting your entire lawn & garden into an organics online Picture Perfect Paradise ?

If so then stick around , say hello , send us a text , call or email , become a member ( coming soon ) and become part of our Chemical Free Start to Finish Fully Organic Lawn & Garden community.

Our future plans include...

* Creating an in general how to step guide & work book to convert anyone's property into a Fully Organic landscape

* Helping community members create their custom tailored start to finish Organic only plan

* Connect with other lawn & garden lovers and exchange tips , methods, mindsets, materials & secrets that only members of our site will have access to.

* Rid the world of expensive Chemical and killer products and service providers one property at a time.

For more information about upcoming memberships and anything Organic, please send us a text , email , visit us on Google and leave a comment or check back often, as we will be putting together the biggest collection of information and knowledge the landscape industry has ever seen.

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Step 1 - The Perfect Spring Clean Up !

Are you ready to begin your step by step lawn & garden conversion into a fully organic Picture Perfect Paradise ?