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Who Am I?

Hi! My name is Krystal and I am the owner and creator here at Pienk Elf. I'm so glad you decided to stop by and browse our handcrafted products.

I use high quality ingredients to create unique, dessert inspired body products such as soap, body scrubs, bath bombs, and more. If the dessert theme isn't your thing, that's ok. I try to create a variety of products to ensure there is something for everyone.

How Did I Come Up with the Name Pienk Elf?

Pienk Elf means "Pink Eleven" in Afrikaans, a language spoken throughout various countries in Africa. Pienk translates to Pink in english, which is my favorite color. I'm sure you could guess that by the shop's color scheme lol. Elf translates to Eleven in english, which is the month I was born in, November. So there you have it, Pienk Elf. Kinda cute huh?

Thank you for stopping by and getting to know a little more about me and Pienk Elf. I absolutely love doing this, and I hope you enjoy your products as much as I enjoy creating them.


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