The Story

Pierre Potential grew up in "Sunny" San Diego, enjoying music even before birth. His love for music was then expressed in elementary school when he decided to work on his own music.

The appeal of creativity and self expression led him to take it alot more serious (with different direction) in 2018. This is when he decided to take music production to a whole other level.

He uses his creative talents to portray a story with his music; he says " I make the music that my heart recognizes as language and speak the rhythms of experience to the audience..." He strongly pursues a unique balance of Soul/R&B/Hip-Hop/Lo-fi to coordinate an orchestrated genius.

The Legend is not without his own faults he often copes with life's problems by listening to his music, and meditating on life. His life had its fair share of sorrows but he uses these experiences to make truly outstanding rhythmic frequency.

Listen to his music to get a better understanding of the peculiar talent that is Pierre Potential. He's released 5 albums on ALL major streaming platforms:
1. Chillanthropy
2. The Sun After The Shade
3. Dream State
4. Word's Can't Explain
5. Feel Thoroughly

The good news is he hasn't stopped there. He continues to find new ways to reach his target understanding in instrumentation.

Word's Can't Explain

My Top 5

This was a graceful album I made this in a week and it had me feeling like getting up and going with life!

Make sure to stay til the end to find out which song made #1.

My Top 5 Recommendation for this Album are as follows:

#5 Perhaps Sought

5. "Perhaps Sought" - Why? - It is the full emotion this song portrays, it sounds to me as if someone is going through a repetitive state and is now trying to settle down and figure out what the problem/solution is so that they can move on from the dungeon of blurry occurrence.

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#4 Chillarium

4. "Chillarium" - Why? - this song is amazingly well put together. There are sequences of pure beauty along this track everything from the drums to the piano are all cohesive in an outstanding way. This combination brings a very happy and chillaxed vibe from start to finish.

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#3 Other Side of the Float

3. "Other Side of the Float" - Why? - this song is a gritty chill, it paints the picture of risks and outcomes, the idea of losing/sacrificing something important for something more/equally important in order to get things done. The placement of instruments is well thought out, and bring a vibe of "relentless to the obstacle".

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#2 Festival Point

2. "Festival Point" - Why? - The music itself is that of a bright future or current situation and how we must hold on to it and take care of it in order to keep it thriving. It takes love to get love is the bottom line of this song. The title "Festival Point" is to describe that almost anywhere we go is a festival when we bring the love we mean for ourselves.

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#1 - Invaluable

1. "Invaluable" - Why? - Everything about this vibe screams "great time". I believe this is one of the best songs on the album due to the radiance of positivity it portrays. The cohesion is proper as well as the momentum of the song is at a balance of note and beat.

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Latest Album of 2022

Feel Thoroughly - OUT NOW

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I put alot of work into these albums hoping you find a few things you enjoy along the way. The fruits of your time will not grow bitter when tasted. These are 3 songs from my current Albums in rotation.

Particular Order - Out Now!

Come Back - Word's Can't Explain - May 2022

Precious Time - Dream State - May 2022

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