Grace Monique Pigatt

December 14, 1965-July 7. 2020


Known to us as Monique Shaunte Pigatt was born on December 14, 1965 at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Fl to Melvin Eugene Dennis Pigatt and Annie Lee Billue. She was the seventh addition to the family and the third girl.

Monique received her GED and enrolled in a CNA program. She completed it and became a Certified Nursing Assistant. Monique's instructors were so pleased with her, they had her come back and help train others. In the field, Monique's patients loved her. She was a shooting star in her profession. Monique had a passion for helping others, so much so that she sacrificed herself for her patient which caused her disability. She was hurt on the job and never recovered.

Monique was great at everything she devoted herself, poetry and drawing were ways she expressed herself. They were full of emotions and life.

Monique loved dancing and would dance all night even after her injury (yes, she would be in bed for weeks after).

Although she never married and didn't have children of her own, her title of Auntie made her proud. She made sure her nieces and nephews knew she loved them. After the passing of her mother, she became like a mom to her younger brothers and made sure they were always welcome in her home. Monique was a sweet soul.

Monique was preceded in death by her Father, Mother, her sister Angenita Lewis Bingham, her brother Ronald Pigatt, and niece Marquita Bingham. She leaves to grieve her siblings Danny Lewis(Gloria), Jerome Lewis, Gerald Snype(Kathy), Darrick Pigatt, Ana Pigatt, Stephanie Fortune-Branch(Tony), Valerie Pigatt, Maurice Michael Pigatt, Errick Pigatt (Naomie), Joseph Nickea Pigatt, Erza Pigatt. Her Uncles Henry Billue, Benny Billue, Aunts Essie Pigatt, Cora Mae Pigatt, Betty Pigatt Tillie, Nancy Blue and Gloria Spencer and a host of nieces, nephews and cousins.

Glamour Days

They told me I was already glamorous and they just had to touch up!

Yes, my Big Sis Ana Love's Me

Today I had her treat me like a princess all day ☺

Had I known that our time was short,
I would have returned your call

Had I known that was our last phone call,
I would have just to listen to you speak to have held on longer.

Had I known that it was the last time I was seeing you,
I would have brought more than a piece of melon.

Had I known it was the last time I was seeing you,
Called you back and hugged you tighter and kissed you longer.
Had I known it was the last time I would see you smile,
I would have stayed longer just to watch you smile.

Had I known that I was seeing your face for the last time,
I would have touched it longer

Had I known that God would take you away so soon,
I would have spent much more time with you.

There are a lot of things I would have done differently
Had I known.