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I remember the day I was lying prostrate on the floor, crying out to GOD for a GOD-idea or a Whitty-invention to get out of debt. This was over 3 1/2 years ago when we were facing a financial crisis, one after another it seemed. But God!!! As always HE worked it all out for our GOOD! HE prompted a woman of GOD to message me immediately during my prayer and before I could raise up to the position of raising up from my face to my knees, I heard my phone ding. To my surprise it was my now, upline/sponsor Vicki who sent me a message regarding this opportunity.
Immediately, I knew this was GOD's answer to my prayer. From that day to this, I have had so many miracles manifest in my life. Out of desperation and necessity I decided to join a business I saw posted on Instagram & Facebook— a way to bring in some income from my phone.
with 12 cents to my name, I sold my clothes to purchase my influencer license and get started. I started to work this business completely on Facebook and Instagram, and within 3 months I was bringing in the extra income we needed to change things. I was able to get us out of our rented room and sign a lease to our very own 2 bedroom apartment, no co-signer!
Every night I prayed to God, asking him to lead us to something greater, praying for him to show me my calling. He lead me to this opportunity, fully knowing this would be my way of never having to be a corporate America slave again, and being in full control of our life and future.
In over 3 ½ years I’ve been able to bring in the extra income we need, plus I’ve earned multiple promotion bonuses! I’ve been able to reach the rank of Diamond & soon to be DoubleDiamond!
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First of all and most important of husband and I have taken back our health. Our products helped us to lose over 106 pounds between us and gave us our finances back and we are better than ever. I am so happy to share my testimony with you. Read this very carefully as I pour out my heart to you about such a simple business that I joined at a very minimal investment and I offer the same to you today.

Listen, If you are tired, broke and broken..this can help you. If you are grandmother that just want to be able to spoil your grand, this is for you. If you are a single mother, who would like to be totally independent of government subsidies...this is for you too. Moms and Dads who are at work, more than you spend time with you babies...this is definitely for you. Fill out the form below and answer the questions...send it back to me and I will contact you personally. I have 5 spots left on my growing team. I will coach you and you will have the support you need to go to the top of this company, with a very minimal monthly investment, you can earn more than you can imagine. I am waiting and I can hardly wait to welcome you to my team!
I now have gained the confidence I’ve never had, I’ve become a better leader, I’ve grown to love myself and the idea of our future doesn’t make me shutter or fearful. I get to pay all of my bills when they are due, and am now dreaming much bigger— and helping others get the health back and all of our dreams become reality.
Now, because of this freedom my husband and I are able to operate in ministry full time and can visit our grandbabies whenever we desire to, as well as work from anywhere!

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