Hi, we’re PiqueNique nice to meet you!

We are a luxury picnic planning service. We offer luxury picnics for any and every occasion. We service all five boroughs of NYC.

What we offer

We currently have three PiqueNique themes for you to choose from:

Classic PiqueNique: This beautiful setup screams elegance! It’s white, gold, and silver color scheme will ensure you’re surrounded with luxury while taking in the scenic views

Pretty in Pink PiqueNique: This gorgeous setup sets a romantic tone with it’s different shades of pink. Perfect for a date night, an anniversary, or just a girls day out.

Seaside PiqueNique: We bring the sea to you with this beautifully beach-themed PiqueNique. This set up is drenched in seaside details and boasts a stunning blue color scheme.

We also have additional packages that can be added to spice up your PiqueNique:

Paint package: Turn your day out into a creative experience with our paint package. We supply everything you need to paint whatever your heart desires with your guest(s)

Game package: In a competitive mood? We have just the thing! Challenge your guest(s) with our game package which comes with classic games that you and your guest(s) will enjoy playing during your outing.

We also offer add-ons for a pop of fun to any PiqueNique:

The PiqueNique photo station: Our photo station offers the perfect lighting and phone setup to capture every moment. We know you’ll love snapping photos while enjoying your PiqueNique(psst don’t forget to tag us)

Fresh Flowers: Fresh flowers add a touch of nature and beauty to any PiqueNique. The flowers and vase are both yours to keep after your PiqueNique.

PiqueNique Prices

PiqueNique for one: $80
PiqueNique for two: $100
PiqueNique for three: $120
PiqueNique for four: $140

Each PiqueNique includes:
* Ground covering
* Blankets
* Assorted pillows
* Table
* Plate setting(charger plate, dinner plate, salad plate)
* Flatware(Spoon, fork, knife)
*Salt and pepper shakers
* Coasters
* Wine glasses
* Drinking glasses
* Floral center piece
* Themed decor
* Personalized picture frame or framed sign
* Sanitizing station
*Waste bin

Each picnic reservation is for 2 hours. Additional time can be added for $20/hour.

*Each PiqueNique offers a framed photo of your choice or a framed saying of your choice as part of the decor(ex. Happy Birthday *insert name*, Congratulations *insert name*, etc.) you can choose to purchase the framed photo/sign for $12

Package and add-on prices


Paint Package: $20
* Canvas(es)
* Paint
* Paint brushes

Game Package: $20
* Playing cards
*UNO card game
*Wheel of fortune bingo
*Guess Who
*The LOGO board game


PiqueNique photo station: $15
* Led-ring light tripod that fits all phone sizes
* Bluetooth operated remote

Fresh Flowers and Vase: $20
*Fresh Flowers



Each month we release our availability calendar on Instagram and on this page. We update our calendar as needed.

We offer two reservation windows per day:
Day PiqueNique: 12pm
Evening PiqueNique: 4pm
Reminder: Each PiqueNique reservation is 2 hours so your PiqueNique will end 2 hours after the reservation time of your choice.

* Upon booking please send us a photo or saying of your choice.

*Please DM us on Instagram to make a reservation*

*Reservations must be made at-least 48hours prior to desired date.

Our Policy


We understand that the weather is unpredictable at times and can be out of both your and our control. In the event of inclement weather you can reschedule for any available day within 30 days of your reservation.


We offer a full refund for any cancellations made 48 hours prior to your reservation. Any cancellations made after the 48 hour grace period will result in a $20 cancellation fee.


In the event that you and your guests are running late we will provide a 30 minute grace period. After the grace period your 2 hour time limit will start.

Our Cleaning Process

We clean, sanitize and disinfect every item, furniture, dish, eating utensil, etc. after every PiqueNique and once again before every PiqueNique.

Our items are stored in a clean, dry, and secluded facility.

We always sweep each PiqueNique area for any garbage or debris prior to setting up and do so once more while packing up.

We provide a waste bin for any garbage you may have during your PiqueNique and dispose of it for you. You do not have to clean up your PiqueNique area we will do it for you.