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The Rumor

//Pitch perfect Fanfiction// Straubrey//

//A colab with @he_is_a_hunter._


Stacie Conrad

Beca Mitchell

Chloe Beale

Aubrey Posen

Amy Hobart 

Emily Junk 

etc pp1,2 bellas and trebles

//Judges for auditions//

-Mike pinkie

-Racel sanders 


                   Chapter 1 

                   One look

    //Story starts at the auditorium//

     Aubrey’s heart was racing frantically. "Aubrey Posen? Your next” she heard a woman say with a kindly voice. She nodded and took a deep breath, stepping onto the stage. She glanced around the auditorium nervously, scanning for any familiar faces but all she saw was two judges staring back with serious expressions. She stood in the center when one judge said,” You will sing Ocean Eyes by Billie Eilish, start when you are ready” . 

Aubrey nodded with a tentative smile and started the song…

"I've been watching you for sometime, can't stop sta-".

She was interrupted by the sound of a door opening in the back of the auditorium. Focusing her eyes, she was able to see a tall brunette with captivating blue eyes walking towards her.

Time froze. She could hear a pin drop. Every thing seemed to move in slow motion...

The judges turned around, their attention moving to the brunette. Aubrey looked at her feet, trying to hide the blush creeping up on her cheeks. One of the judges looks at the beautiful brunette,”Oh Stacie, you're finally here”  he remarks, adding a quick nod. 

 "Sorry my sister was looking for her Pokemon cards and needed my help", She answered.

Aubrey looked up, failing to stifle the giggle escaping her lips.

Embarrassed, she quickly covers her mouth with her hands, her already pink tinged cheeks, now turning a deep crimson red. 

Stacie looked up at her with a small grin.

"You're a really good singer" said Stacie.

Aubrey smiled down, with a bright smile and replied "Thank you!"

"Okay enough chit chat, go sit backstage stacie, we will call you out soon". Said the judge.

As Stacie left, Aubrey realized she had never felt that feeling….in a long time. The butterflies, the stares u can't control, the feeling that stacie gave her, was unlike any other. It was….magical.

   As Aubrey went backstage, after auditions, she still was wondering about Stacie. There was just something about her, that she hadn't felt in anyone else. Something special that she had been craving for so long. One look and her whole world, fell together. One look was all it took. Enough to get her through. Enough to make her dedication matter...one look, was all it took.

                    Chapter 2

                  The painting

She sat down awkwardly, in the small room, about 4 or 5 other people including *cough cough* Stacie… 

She sat on the uncomfortable chair, staring at a mural on the wall, of a lake and some wild geese hovering about. 

"Such an inspiration of a painting".

Aubrey looked up, to see Stacie standing next to her chair, eying the painting. 

"So many colors, so many people see it as just a painting but to me it's a whole story".


 "Uh yeah. It's pretty unique." Stated Aubrey. Aubrey did think the painting was neat and yes, it did tell a story. Of happiness, the mother goose could now keep her ducklings hydrated, happy and replenished. It made since. It was a beautiful painting because it had beautiful things. Happy things. Special things. 

   They sat there, staring at the painting, it connected them, created a bond. They understood this painting.

As auditions we're wrapping up, the producers executive was doing call backs. It was a small musical, nothing much, only about 30 auditions. Only two people got called back. Stacie Conrad and Aubrey Posen.

To be continued