In my head

The questions, the doubts, the two sided commentary, and the I can nots. My huge billion dollar house that I lay like a Queen. No worries in the world expect for all that I love. The can nots don’t appear and the two sided commentary only speaks happiness. The self doubts are no longer and the questions weren’t life decisions. I lay effortlessly with no worries in the world. I lay as a queen. Oh wait it was just a dream.



Eat your feelings out

Why am I like this? Why am I so doubtful? It’s my fault. I suck and life isn’t for me.
Now wait.....
life isn’t easy. No one said life was going to be easy. Life has some of the most challenging routes any person can go through. We all feel and hurt. We all grief and have anger. What we all don’t have is consciousness. Not just consciousness of ourselves but also our surroundings. We need to accept the fact that other people will think differently than us. We need to let go of the thought of fear. We need to grow from the depths of deep depression. We need to feel every learning lesson and let it create us. When you let your emotions eat your heart out you are building your empire of self consciousness, self love, self awareness, and self enlightenment. Hurt is all a part of the process. Remember to absorb every hurt and anger and let it blossom you into something amazing!



Aligned by the moon• the sun• the energy that surrounds us.
Literally everything radiates energy! Rather it’s technology, a tree, a table, a fish, or just the wind itself. The thing is, there is a difference upon energies. Humans for example are a major energy pull. We are conductors! A conductor is an object that can pass energy through itself, especially to another object. A human conducts energy that’s immense and sometimes utterly uncontrollable.
Humans are a constant flow of energy! We thirst in the positive and dread the negative. Let me just say that It is normal to feel negative, but it’s how you deal with it will determine the output. While worrying about negative energy, positive energy could actually be the bigger threat! Positive energy will make you feel over your head sometimes! Will you let it? Or will you use at something inspiring? So, remember to not forget how to deal with it, embrace it, and use it as a tool.


Haters gon’ Hate

The question is are you a hater?

We all heard the saying “haters gonna hate” in some time of our life. We all probably have said it ourselves. Hate is a strong word, but people actually portray it. Some people play the actual emotion and feeling behind hate. The jealousy, anger, or even hurt. Are you a hater or a lover? If you find yourself not liking someone because they are happy, you need to pause, step back, and get real. You are not a lover if you feel the need to compete with anyone but oneself. You are a hater if you take the time to hurt, discourage, or make someone else unhappy. If you are a lover, never forget to keep loving. A light can brighten up any dark room when it hold its self bold and strong. If you are a lover, a haters discouragement has no appeal to you.


Moody Pisces

My Pisces Experience

Is it a mood? Or another personality? Or multiple personalities maybe? A double fish inquiring that you will be more than oneself. Signifying the purpose of being forced to deal with deep thoughts, second guessing, and many moods. We perpetuate a creative mindset over joyed with love. We give no fucks when we get pushed too far. We can be one person one day and a complete different muse the next. Sensitive as fuck is an understatement and Tough isn’t even a question. We are bold, defining the beauty of magic, love, and uncertainty.



Eat your health out!

A common “go to” for many people is dieting! So what is dieting? Dieting is a specific meal plan that one usually restricts oneself,especially in a case of losing weight! Many people diet and diet again, and will still find no results! Well let me ask you this! Have you ever thought of going on a mindset diet that will restrict you from unhealthy foods and ingredients? Instead of restricting your calorie intake, restrict the bad foods you put in to your body! Take the time to read your ingredients, look up the weird words, and educate yourself! When focusing on feeding yourself food that benefits you, you will then see a difference. You will feel a difference and your energy will move different.


Marijuana Ain’t A Gateway

Don’t do it! It’s a gateway drug they say! WRONG! A person seeks a higher high because they are trying to erase the pain they are in. They come to a realization that marijuana doesn’t erase your memories; it doesn’t take away the mental pain. I believe that marijuana widens your perspective. It broadens your understandings on how the simplest things in life work. It puts a realization in your mental pain that one can’t handle. That’s why one runs to a higher high. It keeps you calm while realizing what’s happening. It is not a gateway.