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What Love Feels Like to Me

Inspired by BTS, Bita wrote a love poem for the people in her life. She describes what love feels like, not just romantically, but in every shape and form it can exist in.

A Bougie Life of A 6-Year-Old Kid

A lot of things has changed in Wanda's life, but one thing's for sure, she won't compromise her values and lifestyle to be anything other than her most authentic self.

J-Hope: Getting To Know The Sunshine Personified

In celebration of J-Hope's birthday, take a look at J-Hope through our eyes. Though most well-known as the bright ball of energy in BTS, his work shows the depth behind his persona.

In Loving Memory

When we lose a loved one, how do we keep their spirit alive? Nasha wrote about losing a parent and remembering our loved ones.

What It Means to Grow Up

Stuck in her bedroom, Bita used her imagination to travel back in time. In uncovering her past, she reunited with her happiness and fought to get it back.

Stories and How They Help Me

Have you ever felt lost? Uncertain of your goals or life's purpose? Tya talked about the struggles of finding her destination and how the stories of others can help her find the way.

Lost and Found: Rediscovering My Creative Side

After running out of ways to cope in quarantine, Anya unlocked her creative side through crochet. She wrote about unlearning unhealthy coping mechanisms and how to actually enjoy her hobbies.

A First Encouter: Discovering BTS

While in quarantine, tan rediscovered her happiness after finding BTS. She shared how they taught her to love and find positivity in herself.

Coping in A Pandemic with BTS: A BE Track-by-Track Breakdown

This month is all about revisiting the new things we discovered in quarantine, and Puri shared how she found herself by coping through BE with BTS.



Planet Serotonin is a blog made to share the loves and perspectives of Purplings. We are made up of assertive people who connected through the same interest (can you guess it?).

No matter how different our backgrounds or opinions are, we always have the same goal. To share serotonin, or #shareotonin as we say ;)

We created Planet Serotonin as a safe space for us and we hope it could be yours too.