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Find a plant friend!

Are you ready for commitment and a companion (or two, or more!) to keep your spirits bright and happy? If so, you're ready to be a plant parent!

Some may be fussy, and others may be low maintenance. Some require a lot of attention, while others are introverted and sensitive to watering! Regardless, you'll love them so much.

I'll be here to guide you towards a plant that will do best in your surroundings. I started this shop because of how much I loved selling plants before moving out of my previous apartment. Please feel free to ask me any plant questions!


Answering your questions here:

1. Delivery Times: We will deliver the weekend of the same week you ordered on. This could be either Saturday or Sunday, but we will contact you through phone to confirm.

2. Delivery Fees: Free delivery for any orders over $50. For all else, $15 fee.

3. Delivery Zones: As of right now we are focused on these NYC areas: Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens. We may have plans to expand soon ✨

4. Drops: Every Monday we will post some new plants that more unique and hard to find on our Drops page! These are limited availability and might not be restocked.

5. Our regulars will be on the Product Page. These plants are available and restocked every week.

6. Plants will be in grower's pots.

7. Soil will be available for purchase and delivery.

8. Purchases will be made through PayPal or Venmo. Please note that if full payment has not been received before day of delivery, we cannot fulfill your order!

9. No refunds or exchanges! We will help you the best of our abilities to help your plant once it's in your hands. Free consultations with each plant purchase. Be sure to check our videos and tips page for more information with each plant!

COVID-19 Procedures

We want to keep everyone safe!

We'll be wearing masks and gloves throughout the delivery process. Any plants will be wiped down, sanitized, placed into bags. We ask that if you're not feeling well, to please send us a request to leave the plant at the door and ensure contactless delivery. This can also be requested from anyone else, of course!

My Top Picks

The best plants for starting out

Not sure what to choose? Here's a few to get you started ✨

Low Maintenance and Low Light

Snake Plants are perfect for brightening that corner of the room far away from the windows. They do not require much water, as they are drought tolerant.

Low maintenance hanging plant

Pothos are hardy and can thrive in most conditions. Like all plants, water when dry but they like to be hydrated. There are so many varieties to choose from and they're perfect for hanging.

Low maintenance and fast grower

Tradescantias are great hanging plants as well. They grow very quickly and can adapt to different lighting situations. With their colorful foliage, this is the plant to display proudly!


Tutorials on how to repot or water your plants when traveling.

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Plants and Soil

Plants that are considered a must-have in anyone's collection! These will be available every week with limited stock.


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Spider Plant

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Snake plant

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Starter Pack

Three of our beginner's plants suited to most conditions. Save up to $15!

Includes: 1 sanseveria, 1 pothos, and 1 tradescantia.