KAROLINE Camgirl & Fetish Model

Hey guys! First of all I wanna thank you for taking the time to check out my page. Still doing a whole lot of adding and perfecting but it's coming along.

So, for those of you who are Cam Fan Newbies, I'm Karoline (PlayfulKay) and I'm a cam model for several different cam sites such as Chaturbate and Myfreecams. In addition to those accounts, I also offer independent services and subscriptions to my other social media platforms such as Kik, Skype, Fans Only, Instagram, Twitter, and will be adding a few names to the list in the coming weeks. (YOU CAN FIND LINKS TO ALL OF THESE ON MY SUBSCRIPTION PAGE)

So a little about me? Where to start! I'm really just your typical chick in her 20s that's a bit more sexual that our society's perceed "normal" but I have fun and I just checked one more time to be sure but it would appear I am fresh out of FUCKS to give so if you're here to hate you're wasting time your time dear.

But if you're here to find some of my best vid clip, photo galleries, get updates on my accounts and a schedule of when I'll be going LIVE and to what site it will be broadcasted then you are in luck cause this would be the place to not only do those things but also I'll be offering new "Merc 2 Perch", keeping and up to date blog of my home and work life to let you get know me a little better and I am considering offering pm on this page but that's still up for debate. So check out some of sample work or check out the trials I'm offering for some of the sites and don't forget to follow me on all my account. Thanks guys! Look forward to playing with you soon

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