McKenzie Hoffman MA, CCC-SLP

Feeding Therapist & Mom of 2

Hey everybody! In case anyone is interested in who I am or how I got here, I’m happy to share!

I am a speech pathologist who has always had a passion for feeding. My role as a feeding therapist is providing NICU follow-up services for babies and their family at our local children’s hospital. I follow babies from the time they leave the NICU until they are eating like their peers. I do a lot of work helping with transitioning off NG and g-tubes as well as starting solids. I also work with children of all ages and abilities, helping them add foods to their diet, build oral motor skills, and anything that will help them eat more like their peers.

My main goal with this account is to help children of all ages learn to love to eat. The secret to being a good eater is loving what you do and I find that the earlier this can start, the better! Having children of my own, gives me the perspective I need to know and understand that feeding kids is not easy. I have had the opportunity to problem solve with so many children, both at home and in my career and I would love to share my knowledge with you!