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Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice

A momma bear on a journey working her way through this crazy world! 🌎 Encouraging, loving and supporting all journies.

Mom of two boys, one already on his path in the army. 🇨🇦 Two cats and frog! 🐸

My Recommendations

Random Enjoyment For Anyone

It doesn't matter what path you have, it's yours and yours only! Choose what makes you smile 😊

Recommendation #1

Surround yourself with positives. Where it be people, foods you love or a good book. Find things that constantly remind yourself of how truly amazing you are!

Recommendation #2

Pets. They absolutely won't be the best choice for everyone, however, if you are up for the challenge and can devote yourself to their entire lifetime, may I suggest a cat. Particularly a Bengal.

You will never find a soul so unique in sharing your home with unconditional love, hours of entertainment and attitude.

It's not for the faint of heart and I do suggest researching if the fit, fits you!

Recommendation #3

Keep People Guessing

Always try to spice things up with being random! Take up hobbies that bring you joy and and can put smiles on people's faces. It really brings on the conversations which is so important in keeping up your communication skills!

Recommendation #4


Taking the time just like when we were younger for that Sunday drive! Get out and explore the miles around you to destinations you can get out to take pictures, explore and create memories!

Recommendation #5

Look After You

When you look after yourself you become this incredible magnet 🧲. You attract all the things you want to feel. If you want to feel like your skin is glowing, your body feels boosted or your home feels safe and clean, find the things that suit you to make this happen!

I have fallen absolutely in love with how this law of attraction works! It has taken over 30 plus years for me to realize this. It doesn't happen over night and that's ok! It makes each day that much more adventurous and surprising!

Who said looking after ourselves was easy? Said no one ever....

Recommendation #6

Keep A Mysterious Side

There is nothing more fun than keeping an open mind to the bizarre and unknown. Sometimes even a good book or author can help with this!

Recommendation #7

Just Be You, Do You

Don't let others stand in the way of your spirit and soul. Strive to be unique because there is only one you.

Remember that...There is only ever one of you!

Embrace yourself so others can too!

Recommendation #8

Grow Something

Believe it or not, the feeling of being rewarded can come from growing. Accomplishments are all trial and error but each outcome has so much value in helping you to blossom.

Start small, learn and expand as you go to what keeps you happy. Don't overwhelm yourself and set yourself up for negatives.

Beautiful Places

Go Where You Feel Most Alive

A City With Endless Beauty

Forge Ahead