At +HC we focus on healing and self care through every cup of tea and through herbal and holistic methods of healing. We offer Pop-Up shops,events, and private bookings.


+HC is all about building relationships within communities and cultivating your own communities. We care about health and conduct events on a monthly basis like our Tea Table Talk & Self Care Workshop on July 9th at 4:00 p.m , In New Rochelle,NY Get your ticket in the link below.

About Me

A Journey Through Time

I am Danisha Johnson the Founder of +HC (Higher Consciousness). I was Born & Raised in the Bronx, N.Y. There I went to highschool for business & Law at The Bronx school for Law, Government, & Justice. After graduating I attended college at SUNY Plattsburgh, where I pursued a degree in social work with a focus on Human Development & Family Relations. I dropped out in my 4th year of college Due to mental health .
I came back to the Bronx undefeated, where I discovered my love for Culinary Arts. Through a program at MMCC I was able to get awarded for outstanding achievements and further my education at kingsborough community college for Culinary. Soon after completing my education there I furthered my education at the French Culinary Institution located in manhattan. Through there I did my externship at Marea a seafood restaurant & have been cooking ever since.
While working at various different companies I realized I had the ability to learn Quick and also teach others. I applied the skills I was taught so well I was promoted into leadership roles very quickly at various jobs and taught others how to develop these skills as well.
Through my years I've watched owners & their business succeed & Grow with all the work me and fellow co workers have put in.
It dawned on me that all these years I spent time, ideas, dedication, & consistency on making someone else's dream a reality. I could take all that energy and put it into myself my dreams. Thus the birth of + HC (Higher Consciousness).
I wanted to use my every day Gifts to give back & heal people one cup at a time. I grew up with my father making tea everyday & growing his own cannabis. I decided to use my childhood & knowledge of herbal remedies to bring you Teas, Bath Blends, Infused Teas, Self care workshops, events, A stronger sense of community & self awareness in conjunction to the community.

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