Other Leftist Tiktok Comp Youtubers

My reccomendations

Some other leftist tiktok comp youtubers for you to check out.

Red In Space

Red's videos are very long, from about 20 minutes to about an hour. Their intro is something worshiped amung aspring leftist tiktok youtubers. Red's videos have a reliably diverse cast and focus on myriad issues within even just one video!

Red In Space (channel link)

Wrath of the Island Bard

Wrath has a signature intro as well, and something about the backround sound to the loading goose intro is very pleasing. Wrath has some trigger warnings you might not have even known were triggering, which is great. Wrath's tiktok compilations are also very long, usually about 20 or 30 minutes. They also upload probably the most frequently and reliably out of all the leftist tiktokers I have found so far.

Wrath of the Island Bard (channel link)


Well folks, I've been saying this a lot but it's so true! Puunkfrog's intro is charming and cute and always makes me smile! Something you might want to know about them is that they put their trigger warnings in the description rather than the actual video, so if you are someone who gets triggered by content or even just would like a warning about loud sounds and things, it's something to keep in mind. Puunkfrog has a very good linktree.

Puunkfrog (channel link)


Something I really admire about Vendetta is their thumbnails. Like, jeez. They're so captivating and exciting! I do not think that Vendetta uses trigger warnings, so be careful about that. Also, the whole video they have a kind of addams-family vibe wallpaper in the background that I like. Vendetta's videos are about 15-20 minutes long.

Vendetta (channel link)


Cazeronni's videos are about 30 minutes long, sometimes more or less. They have very few subscribers for such an awesome creator, and it confuses me so much! But yeah they're great. They do not post frequently, but when they do it is warmly received by everyone because they are so gosh darn awesome. Cazeronni does not seem to use trigger warnings very often.

Cazeronni (channel link)


Xenouementx does have great trigger warnings, as well as an option to skip them if you don't feel you need them. They also have great thumbnails and every time they talk to me in the begining of the video it feels like someone is giving me a hug. Highly reccommend. Their videos are about 15 minutes long.

xenouementx (channel link)

Radical Education

Unlike most of the people on this list Radical Education does not only do leftist and/or gay tiktok content. They also have a bunch of cool other stuff! But they have the tiktoks too. The tiktok comps are usually about 12 minutes long. They do not have trigger warnings. Their content is really great, 100% recommend.

Radical Education (channel link)

Grey Goat

Grey Goat's videos are pretty long, about 45 minutes. They do not have a general channel content warning at the begining of every video, but if they think things will be triggering they do put a trigger warning in there at the begining of that particular video. Grey goat only has 3 leftist tiktok comp videos on their channel so far, but I think there will be more soon!

Grey Goat (channel link)

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