Our background

PM ICT SERVICES exist to help businesses cut costs in their digital marketing needs. We provide marketing solutions and consulting services to businesses. Our services include computer networking, graphics design services, copywriting, a technology consultancy, social media advertising & marketing, SEO, SMO, multimedia editing, and project management.

Our team thrives on excellence, priding itself on being young, vigorous, creative, and fast-growing as a professional IT solution, marketing, and consultancy.


Your Digital Marketing Partner

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing uses image, video, and audio content in your business social media account. This helps you to connect with your target audience or customers. It is helpful to build your brand and skyrocket your sales.

Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising uses advertisement services by social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, and the likes. Through this platform, you can directly reach your target audience. Advertising is an investment we could bring up to x10 ROI depends on your niche.

Graphics Design

Graphics Design is the use of visual content to communicate your products or services to your target audience. According to numerous studies, customers tend to buy when attracting to the aesthetic design of a brand. It solves a problem through the use of illustration photography and more.


Copywriting is writing that use keyword and call to action for the target audience. This could bring numerous sales when done correctly and apply in the right platforms. This is used on web pages, social media advertising, blogs, email, and more.

Multimedia Editing

Multimedia Editing covers the creation of audio, image, and video content. Great content for social media creates a significant impact on your audience. Through those things, they get to connect with your business brand.

Email Marketing

Email marketing uses email in delivering your message to those leads who opt-in to receive notifications from you. This is a great platform to increase your sales as they know more about your business and products. Email marketing has two types, the long and short copy, and it depends on your campaign whether you will use the former or the latter.

Technical Consultancy

We started at giving aids for our customers' problems with their computers and smartphone. Technical Consultancy is the science of fixing things up that your in-house IT can't perform. This includes guidance in data recovery, business operations setup, on-call support, and project management.