Poonga Minerals & Metals Procurement pty (Ltd)

Bringing you the purest of Ores Minerals and Metals straight from the dragons mouth to your doorstep

Poonga Minerals & Metals Procurement was established by a local commercial fisherman in the year 2021 who has in his years of harvesting processing and marketing marine living resources in Southern Africa developed a passion for the african continent and its ores minerals metals and all natural resources she has to offer.

The african continent is thee only continent with inn the world who has proven herself rich in most ores minerals and metals the periodic table has to offer.

our team and director at PM&MP pty (Ltd) are focused solely on procuring only the finest and purest of ores minerals and metals directly from the dragons mouth (African continent) and making it available to your doorstep while still in its lava form.

we procure depending on availability of resources most metals minerals and ores and stock certain valuable minerals metals and ores on a small scale basis.

we are a 100% black owned company driven by determination an fueled by rejection

our focus is to procure solely from small scale and community based mines and co operatives this promoting not only socio economic growth bt also economic developement throughout the african continent.

therefore our growth ensures lower prices.

looking forward to shopping for you.

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