Who is Pnpmar?

The Artist That Wants To Connect With You

Pnpmar is a Philadelphia-bred urban artist. Both a rapper and an R&B singer-songwriter, he transcends genres and loves making music outside of the formal properties of any style. When making a song or beat, he just follows the vibe he is feeling and those feelings bring out the ideas and stories in an intense form that is usually hidden deep inside his mind and heart. He finds inspiration from his life experiences, his distorted thoughts and emotions, the people around him, their stories, and most of all the vibe he gets from just letting his emotions pour out into a beat.

At 14 years old, Pnpmar was writing poems back to back, as a coping mechanism because he was always a quiet kid and stayed in his thoughts a lot while listening to the rest of the world. But those poems then evolved into him making covers of songs by Ne-Yo,Drake and Mario that he would post on instagram. Eventually,he began making his own music by 17 and taking it seriously by the time he was 18. Today, Tory Lanez, Dababy and Joyner Lucas are some of his favourite artists.

Music Videos

Music videos

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Mixed Feelings (Official Music Video)

Cannibal (feat. Quilly DaVinci) [Official Music Video{

Yxng Tek X Pnpmar -Stay Away From Me (Official Music Video)

For The Culture Album Processing...

He’s Bringing In The Culture, Not Entering It