Racism in the British Police

With cases like George Floyd and Breonna Taylor circulating around the internet and the process going on right now, I've seen a lot of Brits going "who cares? This is an American issue. Why are we getting involved?" I want it to be known that police brutality cases such as these are not specific to the US. It happens in the UK too. It's been happening for a LONG time. Usually, you hear about it once on the news, then it's gone, or it's buried, only to resurface years later when the cops are found "not guilty" of a charge not even remotely proportionate to their crimes. But these people shouldn't just suffer and then that's it. They were all hurt, killed and failed by the pervasive racism in our country and in our "justice" system.

This is a list of BAME, especially black people, who have been victims of police brutality and racism in the United Kingdom. You can see the sources—keep in mind that sources are often biased (as we're seeing so clearly now).

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