About me

Hey I’m Noemi aka @poowaddi Here is some stuff about me:
-I’m 13
-I can speak English and German
-my idols are Addison Rae, Madelaine Petsch, Camilla Mendes and Tom Felton
-I Love Riverdale, The vampire diaries and Harry potter

Vont Pack!

Here are all the vonts i use/used:
-better together script
-Butterfly heaven
-Cheeky Rabbit
-Futura Handwritten
-Gentle Remind
-Hug me tight
-kawaii stich
-Letters for Learners
-Pink chicken Regular

Tipps for fanpages

Here are some tipps that helped me a lot:
-use a popular colouring
-use trending hashtags but also hashtags that describe the video
-be nice to other fanpages and your followers
-don’t focus on likes/followers just have fun
-delete hate and don’t reply
-do give aways
-use clam sounds
-make a theme (with vonts)
-always use the same caption
-post 1-3 times a day
-if you are shadowbanned don’t stop posting
-make a bio that matches your caption and colouring
-don’t be rude
-accept other opinions even if you don’t agree
-don’t let people you don’t know join your account
-follow your followers back
-block people that give you spam likes
-no matter what you mother language is make english videos so more people can understand it
-don’t lie about your identity

Colouring Tutorial

Here is my Colouring Tutorial:
app 24FPS:
Filter: Momoi

app: prequel

-exposure: -50
-contrast: -50
-shadows: -100
-highlights: -100
effect: dust

app: colourtone
filter: avalon

not allowed on my page

Stuff i don’t allow on my page
-rude stuff
-self promo (without liking the video or following me)
-negative energy

My ibf’s

I have 3 Ibf’s currently and these are their accounts:
Chloe: @charlisx.tropical
Emma: @multisbrat
Joel: @whutsvias
Bella (my girlfriend): @pawchrls