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2020: The Start of A New Decade

To think 2020 is weeks away, is insane. When I was 10, 2020 was said to have flying cars, and an alien Invasion. Flash forward two decades, the world is for the most, the same. Heavy political battles, and a crazy world with crazy people in general. But I’m not here to talk about that world, I’m here to talk about my world. Technology has advanced so much that we can now share our experiences, I’ve dabbled with blogging before but never had time or money to keep up with a site. 2020 is planned to be an exciting next chapter of my life. So here’s a little more about myself and my goals.

My name is Patricia, I go by Tricia but most call me Trish. A decade ago I was 18 and found out I was having my first child. At this time, children were far into my future, if not at all. I was becoming a supervisor and wanted to jump start my career into real estate. Life just had other plans for me and providing for my baby was more important than school. A decade later I have two boys, Vincent 6 and Patrick 9 and a step daughter, Addisyn 5, I of course, wouldn’t have had it any other way. Parenting definitely has its ups and downs but it makes you grow, a decade with children has taught me a lot but definitely not everything. Now that my boys are older, it’s in every opportunity to start my career. Now is the time and I’m excited that 2020 is nearly here.

There are more exciting things to come this next year. If you know me, I live for road trips, they are a past time nostalgic for me. I am always down for a road trip, but this year we plan to go out of the state of Texas. I’ve been to Chicago and truck driving with my Dad when I was younger but haven’t been out of the state in my teens to present time. Every year we take a mini family vacation, and a mini personal vacation.

Another thing, my son does YouTube, who doesn’t? I watch what he uploads and monitor all that important stuff. So I want to be more behind scenes with him and support him, so why not I put myself in sort of that position as well. I love to cook, filling and cheap meals. I haven’t made it there yet, still living on a budget.

Like I said, in this day in age we are able share our lives, I just want to share little snippets of my life because life can be exciting. There were some occurrences that happened in 2019 for me and it opened my eyes, live it while your here. 2020 is a new decade, and for me, about being career driven and goal oriented. I guess this could count as my resolution but, this has been a plan for a decade. Now that we are here, take the journey with me, or not. But until next time. 💚💚💚

Live Simple, Be Positive
- Tricia

My schedule, much like other moms, is pretty routine but always busy and on the go. When it comes to dinner, I don’t care to make an extravagant meal. I just want one that is cheap, quick and filling. I have a few meal plans where I buy one entree in bulk, that allows me to make 2-3 meals.
The first two meals I’m going to share are a Chicken Parmesan and a plain Chicken Sandwich, which you can’t go wrong on, toppings are by choice and can be versatile for picky eaters. Both meals are roughly around $21 and can feed 5-6 people, most being little ones.
First thing the grocery list, I usually get what is on sale, or generic:

Family size bag of Chicken Patties (Tyson) .......10
Pack of Buns (Generic) ......1
Bag of Frozen Fries (choice of side) ......2
Bag of Broccoli (2nd choice of side) ......2
Spaghetti (choice of Pasta) ...... 2
Pasta Sauce ......2
Shredded Mozzarella ......2

*plus toppings, majority of the time I have sandwich supply on hand.

Meal 1: Chicken Sandwiches

This is pretty self explanatory, make the chicken as directed, prep and dress your sandwiches to each likings.
But for my tips on boosting flavor on the sides. I use a garlic and herb seasoning on my fries, instead of just the plain salt and pepper.
I usually have a vegetable in each dinner I make. I buy a good size bag of broccoli or green beans, which is what my family will eat. I just split the bag between meals to also save on money. For broccoli, I alternate between grated parmesan, lemon pepper, or you can do broccoli and cheese, it’s just not our favorite here.

Meal two: Easy Chicken Parm.

Make the rest of the chicken as directed, I like to put that same garlic and herb on my chicken to boost flavor.
At the same time, get your pasta going.
The sauce is key as well, get a flavorful sauce.
I sprinkle the mozzarella as soon as the chicken comes out.
Put your meal together as desired, sprinkle a bit more shredded or grated Parmesan, add a vegetable and serve.

I’ll definitely be putting up more of these split meal ideas. I think it’s fun to share. Until next time.

Live Simple, Be Positive

The Start of Something New —

This year so many things need to happen. I’m going to ramble about it.

As I’m typing this, January is nearly half way through. Can we que a time warp? Like, where does time go? Everyday I’m like, “I have to get a move on, I need to start this or that.” I’m impatient when it comes to just about anything, I’ve learned to control the nagging Mom or Girlfriend side. But when it comes to my goals and achievements in life, I’ve always told myself, now isn’t the time, we’re just too busy. I allowed my boyfriend of 4 years to jump ahead on his career, which he proudly has. Now it’s my turn, my turn to follow my career. I decided to put my two weeks in at my current job to buckle down and get my career going. It’s my last week of what I’ve been use to for the last 5 years. I need to get a move on.
It all started almost exactly a decade ago. Around this time I was finishing up my last few credits at a local preparatory school, and at that time I was 3 months pregnant with my first child. The dad and I had been together for 4 years at that point but, he wasn’t involved with the pregnancy. We were an on and off couple through our 5 years. I knew I was going to be pretty much raising our child on my own, so I had to do something. I moved up to supervising at my job and started thinking of a career. A lady had so happened to pop into my class, letting everyone know they would be having a free seminar for our students, on apartment leasing, and they would place you with a complex. This was once in a lifetime, hours of schooling, done, just for going, one evening. I was so close to finishing my credits, that a day could set me behind from graduating. So I let it slip, and graduated high school a month before my first son was born. That opportunity lingered in my head, it sounded so interesting and fun to manage properties. My Moms apartment manager was a joke at her complex. I wanted to learn what it took to become him and turn a property around. I had also met property managers and had talked to them about their experiences, all loved what they did. There’s a bigger picture that this evolved to, Real Estate. I want rental properties, new and renovated properties. I want to one day be a realtor.
Going to another flashback, that will Segway back into, Why Real Estate? Growing up, I lived in houses, once my mom and dad split, we were in apartment complexes. My mom has always wanted another home to call her own. Four kids, in a two bedroom apartment isn’t fun. Which is why I moved out at the early age of 17, I needed my space. My goal is to get my Mom a house, she has struggled to take care of us. She was in management for as long as I can remember, working long hours. I was old enough to start understanding that it’s not easy to run a household. As soon as I could start working, I did to help my mom out. Even pregnant with my first child, i thought of my Mom when it came to my career. She has been the biggest supporter my whole life. She helped raise my first born, because lord knows I had no idea what I was doing. But yes, I want to help get my mom a house, and help people like myself. I too struggle, and live paycheck to paycheck. It has been my goal, for a decade now to become a realtor, get my Mama a home and myself a home as well, by the time I’m 30. It’s 2020 and I have two years to accomplish this. It’s very do-able. I started schooling last year but, as I exclaimed earlier, we were just too busy. I’m picking up where I left off and being headstrong about this.
In 2020, my goals are to get a new car, ✅ get my real estate license, start work with a broker, and start saving for future investments. Wish me luck. I spread positivity to those reading, because with a positive mindset, your options are endless.

Live Simple, Be Positive

2020 was suppose to be a new beginning —

How covid fucked 2020 plans for just about everyone.

Has 2020 panned out as anyone expected? If you wanted more ‘me time’ you probably got your wish, but for a majority of the world, everything took a turn. Everyone from the baby boomers to the millennials were looking forward to a new decade. You can go back 4 months when I started this blog and see that I was excited too. I never made New Years resolutions, but this year I was going to work harder at my career choice of Real Estate. A short 2 months after, in February, things started working out in my favor, then Covid came.
Four months ago, I decided 2020 was going to be my year. Everything was set to be in order enough for me to take a new path. I quit my job of 5 years to focus on my schooling, and started applying to anywhere and everywhere closely related to Real Estate. I wound up getting an interview a week into February, and went to orientation later that same week. By the third week, we started hearing about Covid in my city of San Antonio, TX. Some of the Diamond Princess passengers were being quarantined on a military base across the city, once over, a positive patient was released accidentally, went to visit my local mall a mile away from me, and one that attracts tourists. Clorox wipes and disinfectants were flying off the shelves. Nothing was said if anyone contracted the virus at that time. But, I had my first email, all new hires were going to be placed on hold until further notice. Within days there were reports of travel related cases. A week later, nursing homes were being affected. Social distancing and stay at home orders had begun. That’s when I got my second email, new hires will not go forth due to company set backs.... the whole world is on a set back. I had to swallow that, “ This is not fair!” attitude because that was exactly what was going on.
2020 was predicted to have flying cars, aliens, and the end of the world. We can say one of those feels eerily true. At this point the world is almost on the same page and we can in some way say, I can relate. I tell myself this when I get mad of the missed opportunity. How can I see light in this? Family time, I will appreciate this time, millions don’t have that right now. There are 40 hours that aren’t usually spent together. I have been learning my kids personalities again. I’ve been able to actually listen to my kids conversation fully without it having to be after homework, while I’m cooking dinner, or driving. I’m taking this time to slow down and appreciate everything. I wish I had a more productive answer but at a time like this, what can we do? Until next time, Let’s work through this together.

Stay Positive

A Corona Conspiracy

A Theory on Corona and Experiences with a Mystery Flu I had December 2019

“This virus” has taken 2020 by storm, changing lives around the world. I’m a home body and literally would love to get my 730-4 out of the house done with to be home the remainder of the day. The grocery store is somewhere i went almost daily, and now I go every other week, I can’t go to the gym, cabin fever is real. Panels at the registers wasn’t the futuristic upgrade I pictured when I was 10. My last blog was on about how crazy this time is, because it is. Covid is no joke, all the symptoms and what it could do to a person, is beyond controllable. I don’t know where this virus really came from, but I theorize it hit the U.S far earlier than we think. Along with that, I feel I contracted what is now known as the Coronavirus, back in December.
It was the morning of Christmas, and my boyfriend, Adam and I woke up feeling feverish. Adam had started to feel sick the morning before on Christmas Eve, which landed on a Tuesday, but went about his work day. We opened gifts that night, anticipating our usual get togethers for Christmas. The kids already had colds they picked up from school the week before. Through the night, Adam was burning up, and by morning, I had felt a fever too. We debated canceling once again, but decided to take some DayQuil and keep our distance. The next couple of days Adam was getting worse, I had rid of the fever feeling and was left with a simple cold. I thought I had escaped the cold that was going around my home, I’m Mom, everyone knows nobody survives without Mom.
Come Friday that had all changed. I woke up feeling like shit, and there’s no other way to put that. I had developed a fever and chills over night. The thought of sleep overheated me, and the second I’d fall asleep, I would sweat as hard as my hour treadmill runs. I had a cold along with it, sore throat, very dry cough, but I was producing a lot of mucus at the same time. No runny noses, it was just stuffed. I started to believe it was allergies, our mountain cedar here in San Antonio was very high at the time. I never had allergies before then. I went from DayQuil to Benadryl, and that was a mistake, I felt like it made it worse. That’s when the pressure in both of our chests happened. Adam was a day ahead with his symptoms, I almost knew what to expect, like it had a cycle.
I had shortness of breath. I barely felt energy to take more medicine. Eventually, I couldn’t taste anything, the thought of taking medicine would make me gag. We debated going to the hospital, maybe we should have. We were almost certain we were going to get sent home with some bullshit, it happens all the time to us. I did what anyone does in this decade, I googled my symptoms, every time a new one developed, I googled. The closest thing I could find was pneumonia. It just didn’t seem like what we had. I’ve never had the flu so I couldn’t compare but, I knew the flu didn’t contain shortness of breath. At that point, if anything, our ‘flu’ had maybe progressed to pneumonia because we weren’t getting medical attention. By this point we had this flu for a little over a week.
The kids all had variations of illnesses. My oldest had a stomach bug, with no cold, eventually, inevitably, picked up one later. My middle child had a cold, with some fevering but had acted pretty normal. My youngest got it the worst, she seemed to be going through what we adults were going through. She thankfully never developed pressure in her chest. They all maintained a cold for about a month after with us. I remember filing my taxes, going to get a car, having an interview and going to orientation all while still having symptoms of this. I felt constantly clammy, the cold and chest pain continued over the month of January.
In the end, whatever cycled through my family and peers, for those who worked with my boyfriend at the time will remember poking at me for him making half the store sick. We recently had a family get together and weren’t warned of covid, but what we had brought during Christmas. It truly sucked, and felt purely coincidental and therefore, felt it needed to be noted. People travel in and out of the states, especially during the holidays. Corona was said to have been found in November, chances with back and forth travel for Thanksgiving and Christmas, spread would’ve happen also around that time. In the middle of flu season, a new virus isn’t going to be picked up on. Would we have even had the right help if we went to a doctor? I’m just happy that nothing worse came of our stubbornness, and my family and friends are here and healthy.
2020 is taking a hell of a ride. It’s taken me a good few months to come to this conclusion. Partly because, it’s a ‘conspiracy’ and partly because 2020 is really going through it right now. This story almost doesn’t seem relevant though, covid is still spreading. But Hate, is spreading far worse and has plagued this nation for many centuries. Where is the cure for that??? It doesn’t take scientists, there’s no vaccine needed to show love and support.
For those out there reading Be Safe, Love One Another, and Stay Positive.

- Tricia