About us

6 nights of transformation deep in the jungle of Costa Rica

A combination of Costa Rican sunrises and sunsets, world class waves, parrots, macaws, monkeys, sloths, whales.. paired with yoga, meditation, breathwork, and transformational practices and workshops to empower you to shift out of starter limbo, clarify your vision, and activate your ambition to live the life you want.

Dates, Pricing, & Other Deets ~

May 14-20, 2022

Something to know about this beautiful property;

The Yoga Farm is a 100% off-grid, completely sustainable permaculture farm and residency.

This space is seriously so special! But it’s not for everyone.

There is limited wifi, zero cell phone signal, compost toilets, and solar powered electricity and charging.

This is definitely not a luxurious resort, so if that’s what you’re looking for, thanks for stopping by and we understand this isn’t for you.

If you are adventurous, interested in expanding outside of your comfort zone, THRIVE in natural environments, and enjoy being offline — you will 100% fall in love with this place, guaranteed.

Brooke found this space 3 years ago and has been going back every year since. It’s truly a special place, far, far away, deep in the jungle, and if you come we ask you to honor this sacred land.

Bed in shared dorm room

Claim your bed in a dormitory room, in the main house on the property.

Pros of this accommodation: the yoga shala is in the main house! Which means you won’t have to walk far in the early mornings to start our meditation / yoga practice.

Cons: you will be in a room with 5 other people - so if you love company, great! If you prefer private space, check out our other options.
Price: $1,999

Tiny house

An adorable tiny house, in your own sacred space in the jungle!

Pros: you have a cute space all to yourself, surrounded by wildlife, open air, and ocean breeze.

Cons: you are surrounded by wildlife! Be prepared for sounds of the jungle, and potentially creatures to look out for.

Price: $2222

Private cabina

The cutest property on site! These cute little cabinas feel like a true jungle oasis. You’ll have your own private bedroom with a beautiful balcony with a hammock to hang out in.

Pros: private, beautiful, and quiet.

Cons; our highest price (but we feel it’s worth it)

Sunrise cabina

This beautiful house was just remodeled, and sits at the top of the hill of the property where you can always see the horizon (hence the name sunrise cabina!). The house is shared with two levels, with one room upstairs and one room downstairs.

Pros; this space is absolutely beautiful. Arguably the best views on the entire property!

Cons: being at the top of the hill, it’s a small hike to get to your space. (If you love hiking, this is for you!)

Price: $2222

What to expect

A day in the life…

Here’s a little glimpse at a day in the life at one of our retreats:

6:00 AM: wake up to the sounds of wild monkeys, birds, and the sunrise. Step out your rustic quarters to watch the sky turn from a deep blue, to pink, to orange, to yellow.

6:30 AM: meditation / morning ritual.

7:30 AM: yoga / stretch / movement with Brooke

9 AM: breakfast

11:00 AM: workshop or jungle activity

1:00 PM: Lunch

3:30 PM: workshop or jungle activity

6:00 PM: dinner

7:30 PM: evening chill activity or jungle free time

9:00 PM: lights out. Sleep!

Next steps:

Send us an email to pay your $500 deposit to reserve your spot! 👇

Conscious Creators…

“I am the creator of my life”

It is your birthright to consciously create.

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