Welcome to @post.damelioz website!

Here is a list of things you’ll find in this website!

- Coloring Tut!
- About Me!
- Instagram, YouTube
- Important Fonts That I Use

About Me

here are some things about me that you should know!!

Hey the names Lauren! I’m 10 years old, and I do have a YT Channel Lauren Herrera I never posted on it. My favorite hobbies are to sing and dance!

Coloring Tutorial!

here is a coloring tutorial if you need it!!

24fps -
Filter TAK3 on M3 then import the video

Ultralight -
Click presets and press addscherie then save over and press modify

Prequel -
Important your video and put the filter Oakland 2 and put it to %70 then you go to adjust and you add exposure to 50 and you do highlights to 50; then put blur to 25 or 50

B612 -
Import the video and click on filters and the filter I do is fade 1 and you put it to 25 and then you click the save button and it saves to your camera roll


here are my socials!!

Instagram:: cdgsflorida
Information of my Instagram:: As you can tell I have a Instagram and I don’t have that much post but I will post even more

YouTube:: Lauren Herrera
Information of my YouTube:: My YouTube Channel is Pretty Empty bc I have no post and I haven’t really posted and I’ve been busy I don’t pay attention but maybe sooner or later I might post!! I post on my TikTok acc!! I’m a CharliDamelio Fanpage!

Fonts I Mostly Use!!

here are some fonts I mostly use!!

- Garlic Salt
- Pretty You
- Pumpkin Cheesecake
- rainyhearts
- Refresh Regular
- Sleep Night
- Bakery
- Barcode
- Autumn Chant
- Better Together Spaced
- betterfly
- Grunge Strokes
- Hello Christmas
- Refresh Bonus

Charldiors Coloring

Here is charldiors theme coloring

step 1-
go to 24fps and import the red flavor qr code (make sure the filter is at %100)

step 2-
go to prequel
adjust like this
exposure: +20
contrast: -10
highlights: +20
shadows: -20
haze: +15
glow: +25
blur: 50
effect: dust
dust 100 | filter 15
intro blur: Iris blur

step 3-
go to app ultralight
and adjust like this:
clarity -5
sharpen -10
noise -10

step 4-
go back to 24fps
and import your video
and choose the Honey filter and
adjust how you like depending on the redness I do 55