are you unmotivated?

if you’re feeling unmotivated to post edits or videos here’s some things that can help! 🤍
you can go to youtube/your favourite editors page and look at some edits. after that you can search your idols name and look at edits from there, you can even search your favourite song and see some edits people have made for it! usually i search my favourite songs and i see the edits people have made and it makes me motivated because of how much i love that song/person. 🌿 you can also ask your friends to send you their favourite edits and look up trans look up transition ideas!


make sure to smile today :)

before we carry on, i just wanted to say you are so worth it and i want you to be happy! if you haven’t smiled today i want you to. look i’m taking a picture of you! smile [📸]. i just want you to remember your worth. if there is ever anyone hating on you or telling you you are not worth it don’t listen to them. i know for a fact that you are a beautiful, strong, kind, amazing, caring, smart, talented person. even if you think you’re not! i love you and so much more people do! and if you’re ever very upset just come here and read this and i hope it makes you feel better. you deserve so much and you deserve all the smiles in the world. you are so talented like wow 🤍. you have a meaning in this world even though you think you don’t! ily 😋🌿