all tuts and more!!

i love addison rae!

im famous for editing! and im gonna do all tuts like tiktok,vs, ETC. tutorials!

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for editors ONLY

how to grow ur account FOR EDITORS ONLY

- the apps u use..
:: u should use funimate keyframes, video star free/paid, after effects is a BIG YES ( paid and for laptop only ), alight motion free & paid ! ::

- captions!!
:: if u want a good caption put the name of the song u did ur edit on, OR VENT edit.
like “macerena” in the caption so if someone wants to know the song they would see ur caption and save ur video and like and comment and follow u ::

- gaining followers
:: try to follow back all ur followers so that they follow back and dont start drama or be toxic, and always help ur fans and do giveaways!! ::

- actives
:: once u post a video go to others and comment “snapped” or “WOW” ETC. good stuff, then they’ll follow u ( follow them back ) and they will do the same, DO NOT COMMENT ON PEOPLES VIDS “i just posted please look” it makes them hate u ::

- theme
:: try baddie & softie edits but i recommend mixing both in an edit ! and do NOT change ur editing theme ::

- the edit
:: using a clip pack is perfectly fine! just give credits in the caption or comments & dont say u made it ::

- graphs
:: im new to graphs but if u want actives try using graphs! ::

- vent edits
:: dont do to much vent edits people hate it ::

- ur humor
:: u cant always be like this > “🥰😘 snapped baby/babe” it makes ALOT of people think ur 8, but if ur using it as a joke its fine lol 😭 ::

- sharing
:: if ANYONE needs help, HELP THEM! dont be so selfish! if u ever need help, THEY would help u back! ::

- giveaways
:: do giveaways at curtain timing like when i hit 500 i did one, and when u hit 1k do one, when u hit 2k do one, keep it going yk ::