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The Ultimate Ideal Client Workbook

Five core components that you NEED to know about your ideal client. Become crystal clear on your ideal client, with tips on how to make your website and social media more effective using these 5 key components.

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5 things to do before you build a website

While building a website can seem more accessible than ever. It’s easy to get caught up in what platform you’re going to use instead of learning WHY and HOW you’re going to use it. Read more on the five steps to take before you start building out your website

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Secure Your Brand + Website Audit

Are you terrified of people landing on your website? 

Statistically, you have 15 seconds and less to grab someone’s attention on your website. During those 15 seconds, your ideal client is coming to your website to see if you’re the person to help them. 

If you have been neglecting your website, there could be glaring issues that are causing your ideal clients to click away.

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7 Questions You Need To Know About Your Ideal Client

Join this 7-day challenge to understand your ideal client better, so that you can start crafting content and messaging that will speak directly to them. After receiving the workbook, you’ll receive 7 days of pro-tips, extra resources, and trainings to help you dig in deeper. These questions will guide you into deeper questions about your ICA so you can start to identify how to show up in their lives more.

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How To Get Results With Brand Strategy

Learn 5 non-negotiable ways to implement brand strategy AND get results. These are at the heart of every brand strategy plan I create.

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5 Signs You Need A Brand, Not A Logo

One of the biggest and most common misconceptions that new business owners have is: I need a logo.

It's probably been said in that one part of your certifications or online programs that “teach you how to start your business.” I'm here to tell you that a logo is the last thing you need as you begin your business.

What you need is a brand.

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