Attention! Ever earned from your consumption of crayfish, bonga fish and other seafoods? Let's get you earning in the Power Team

The power team is an executive team of the Cherrish Empowerment and Distribution Network (CEDN) a direct selling subsidiary of DC Cherrish Sea Foods Ltd, a seafoods company focused at adding value to various seafoods, maintaining nutritional value and improving use.

CEDN was launched in 2018 to empower partners through the multi-level marketing approach. This allows partners share in company profits by making bundle purchases of Associate (5000) Affiliate (10,000) or Ace(25,000) and referring at least three people to do same.

The Power Team is made up of only Aces(25,000) with the goal of helping members rank up faster and earn more. The team is a fast lane, as the team takes up the responsibility of building a community of users for each member using strategic publicity and leverage. This allows everyone grow leaving no one behind. The reason members sign up with 50,000 which covers products worth 25,000, shipping and marketing cost.

The vision is to empower 10million visionary people both financially and mentally by December 2031 while leveraging the Cherrish Ace comp plan and sharing profits with all investors.

Mission: Through teamwork and structured marketing plans, move members from sign up to financial independence while having fun and enjoying quality seafood options from DC Cherrish Sea Foods Ltd.

Upon confirmation of payment, products worth 25,000 are shipped to you, and your account with the company is immediately set up with details provided.
Cherrish operates a 3*3 matrix which requires you tell three people about your new opportunity, however the power team takes up the responsibility of building your team of three, helping you grow speedily and earn faster. This you can view from your dashboard.

Why join us?
* Have access to an active community that cares about your growth
* Escape the trap of being stuck on one level in your MLM business.
* Enjoy financial growth by leverage
* Enjoy true team support and growth
* No one is left behind
* Escape the bottlenecks associated with network marketing
* Let's lend you our voice by building your team.

Who should come onboard?
Civil servants seeking alternative income
Stay at home mum's
Everyone who enjoys quality seafood
Network marketers
Any crayfish user who desires to earn from use
Visionaries seeking to build wealth and good networks

Here's what being a member of the team will do for you

Save you hours of worries about referrals

Save you the pain of rejection from prospects

Save you hours of managing your business yourself

Create a portfolio of passive income for you

10x your. Network marketing business

Connect you with a team of like-minded people

Gift you a family "The Power Team"

Set your earning on auto gear

The PowerTeam is your access to strategic positioning that enables you earn frequently, rank up faster, connect with amazing people, while having fun and gaining financial independence. All of these without the blood-sucking stress of managing your referrals.
With the power team you begin earning from your membership within 30 days of sign up. Someone takes up the job of building your team to enable you earn. No more wondering what to do in in your network marketing business to rank up, you now have your own MARKETING ADMINISTRATOR who knows what to do daily to help you build your seafoods business.

Convinced yet?
Go ahead and click on the payment link to come onboard or click the WhatsApp link to chat with one of our team managers

The sign up cost is 50,000 however, the ongoing promo allows you come onboard at 33,500. This price disappears SOON.

REMEMBER here is what the Power Team is:
A unique team where everyone wins

A business with clear goals and commitment to make it work

A targeted investment with a timeline of 5 years maximum

What The Power Team is not:

Yet another network marketing team where only leaders earn and rank up

A get rich quick scheme

An endless timeless investment

See, it does not matter if you are a student, retiree, civil servant, entrepreneur or networker. It also does not matter if you are situated in, Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Ghana or South Africa. As long as you consume crayfish, and other seafoods processed by DC Cherrish Sea Foods Ltd, you should totally get into The Power Team and begin earning from your daily or monthly consumption of seafoods.

Still not convinced?

Let’s paint a picture together

In 2016 I opened a savings account with a particular bank to support a friend on a business competition. So I opened the account with N2000.
Since 2016 till date, I have not made withdrawals because I had other accounts. To my dismay, the account kept reducing owing to different interesting charges. I’m sure you already know this.

Because it’s a savings account one would assume that interest be paid every month for not withdrawing from the account right? Well…today that account has grown from N2000 in 2016 to 2114.12 in 2021. That is an interest of 114.12k in five years. The bank sure deserves a round of applause.

You might be thinking the savings was too small…so lets do the maths. If my savings were 200,000 in 2016, it would have yielded me an interest of 11,412 going by the interest so far or a little extra still less than 10% in five years.
Let’s also imagine that account was to save for the rainy day, would it serve the purpose?

Alas keeping your money in the bank for the rainy day is a waste of precious capital. The power team allows you turn a tiny fragment (50,000) of your account balance into a stream of passive income. The team also manages your referral to ensure your 5digit investment becomes 7,8 or even 9 digits in 5years.

Not just that we take the responsibility of building your team, on a first come, first serve basis, meaning you rank up faster the earlier you come onboard. You earn from every purchase made after you. You get goods worth 25,000 shipped to you upon sign up, so your investment isn’t lost at all. And you have a guarantee of earning within 30days of sign up!

Too good to be true right? Now, that’s how you make your money work for you! The moment you become a part of the team, you get plugged automatically into a profit sharing system.
Get onboard today and rank up fast with the Power Team.

The earlier you get onboard today, the faster you rank up

Think about this!

If you earned N10 daily all year, that would be 3,650 right? Now to the experience shared earlier, the bank wasn’t gracious to give N1 daily otherwise I would have earned N1825, better than 112.
If The power team promises converting your 5digit investment into a 7,8 or 9 digit return in five years by just making a single investment of 50,000. Wouldn’t you rather try.
This is not a get rich quick scheme, it is a referral system with products being sold from which profits are shared across board/ so we earn simply by giving the company what they want “a community of users” and share in the profits.

Now you can literally eat your cake and have it…the choice is yours!
You lose nothing. You have products shipped to you, and still earn every time other people join the team.

Now that you get the picture, feel free to click the payment button to get onboard.

Never forget, it is better to earn N1 daily than nothing at all.

If you say no to this opportunity, you lose nothing, just like you lose nothing saying yes. The only difference is the person who says yes, would be smiling to the bank in a few months, while you would still have your 50,000 lying dormant in your account with no interest at all but staying safe for you.
So, the question to ask is…what do I really lose?

Today we are giving you a chance to choose to “lose” nothing wisely. In both instances you lose nothing, yet one gains from losing nothing and the other remains the same…You Decide!
Decide if you want to be like me, earning 114 as interest from my bank after 5years, or take the plunge and earn from the profits of a working system…THE POWER TEAM

With the power team you will go from:





Sign up fee: 50,000
Ongoing promo: 33,500
(Save 16,500 when you join the team today)

Pay 33,500 to
Cherrish Regal Team
Access bank

Promo valid from Sept 27, to October 16, 2021.

Can't wait to have you onboard!

For more info please call or chat up
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