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Reviving 2020: 10 Actions to Take in the Second Half of the year.

2020 is definitely not cancelled, this is still the year of vision. Do you remember how you felt when 2020 started? That feeling of excitement and expectation that comes with a new year. Well, it’s the second half of the year and there is no better time than now to start over and take action. Revive your 2020 with these 10 actions.

Travel Memoirs: Nairobi

If you have ever dreamed of what life in a Nairobi would feel like, I can confirm that it’s everything you’ve ever imagined and more, it’s the concrete jungle of Africa.

A list of anti-racism resources

Check out Dazed’s running list of anti-racism resources from books and films to podcasts and even a list of activists, you should know about.

Love letters from (Elo)Him: I am here.

A love letter between a loving Father and His daughter reminding her that He is there.

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