About me

My journey to become a medical student

Hi buds!
My name is Chelsea, and I’m currently a 3rd year uni student majoring in biology. This blog is meant to showcase my work, personal school tips, successes and most importantly my failures. All throughout my life I have tried to strive for perfection, but in reality never reached “it”. I would constantly compare myself to others who I deemed perfect on Instagram. But as I grew I realized perfect is not something to reach for. It’s something to hope for, and if you are “imperfect” it is not something to feel bad about.

Hence the reason why I’m creating this account, to show you how I’m learning to embrace my imperfections! Imperfections might not be ~aesthetically~ pleasing at times, but that is the reality of life.

I hope to have you join me on my journey of self growth! Hopefully we can all learn how to embrace our imperfections together
- Premed Chels
❁◕ ‿ ◕❁

Fun facts about me!
~ I have two cats! One is named pencil and the other is named Poseidon. The cat in the picture is Pencil 🐾
~ During this school year I’m going to help with research while being an RA for the first time!
~ I’m a huge advocate for healthcare rights
~ I’m planning on getting a masters in public health (MPH) before going into medical school
~ I love to create embroidery art on important topics (EXAMPLE: endangered species, world health issues, issues occurring in the US, and issues occurring all around the world!)