Meet the Owner


Kianna is the owner and founder of Peach Pressed, LLC. She also teaches Pre-K for her county's school system. Her years of experience in teaching and daycare as well as her asthma and allergies led her to founding her business.

Like many of those who have asthma and/or allergies, Kianna understood how tough it can be to sit in a nail salon for hours inhaling the fumes. And with her years of experience in daycare, she remembered how hard it was to have the nails that she wanted-only being able to have nails no longer than an inch above the nail bed and ther constant handwashing ruining the nails.

These less than pleasant experiences led Kianna to start researching press on nails. She tried and tested many theories and products until she found what works for her and her business. Her research and diligent work birthed Pressed Peach, LLC with top quality, durable and beautiful press on nails.

Pressed Peach is for anyone who works in environments that do not allow nails or only a certain length and can only wear them when they are away from work, for those who have allergies and/or asthma and cannot sit in nail salons with the fumes, for parents who do not want their kids in nail salons with fumes or just do not have the time and those of us who love to change their nails to match their style or mood without spending hundreds in a nail salon.